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SpinPlay Games is a relatively new company that offers some really interesting gaming experiences with unique maths models. Read more about the specifics of the company below and learn about all that’s in store for you.

Spinplay Games Games

Everything You Need To Know About SpinPlay Games

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Our Verdict on SpinPlay Games

Like the people at the company would say, SpinPlay Games is a ‘maths first studio’ and the fact that it was established by an incredibly talented group of mathematicians only reaffirms that statement. This means that you can look forward to cleverly developed maths models, great visuals, and a fun overall gameplay.

A year after entering the iGaming industry, SpinPlay Games signed a deal with one of the biggest titans of the business, Games Global. This can serve as at least a small indicator that the company does have some special things to offer to its players. Read on and find out exactly what they are.

About SpinPlay Games 

SpinPlay Games is an aspiring American company that was founded not that long ago, in 2019 to be specific. It was established in Las Vegas, Nevada, the gambling capital of the world. That is still where the headquarters of the company is located and where all the magic is happening.

There doesn’t seem to be any information on the licences that SpinPlay Games has, but the company certainly makes sure to operate in accordance with the rules and regulations that are required by the markets. On top of that, being a partner of Games Global is a good indicator of quality and fair play.

spinplay games

With such a short career so far, the company has not managed to come up and introduce something new and unprecedented that would bring it a prestigious accolade. SpinPlay Games is still at the beginning of its career, so we just have to wait and see what they come up with in the future and maybe win some awards as well.

Like we said, SpinPlay Games was established by a group of exceptional mathematicians that make sure that the games they deliver offer the most exceptional maths models out there. The players are also a big priority for the company and the team provides them with the most fun experiences they can.

SpinPlay Games Games

New companies typically don’t have very lengthy portfolios and SpinPlay Games is one of those companies. Their portfolio so far consists only of about a dozen games, which is very little compared to other providers out there, but new games are continuously being created and released as well.

In regards to the types of games you can find, SpinPlay Games has only focused on creating slots, which means that players who want some other game types such as bingo, table games, poker, or scratchers will be a bit disappointed. Perhaps the developers will decide to venture out into other types of games in the future as well.

spinplay games slots

One thing that players will not be disappointed with is the prizes, especially since the developers have also incorporated incredible jackpots into the games as well. You can find several games such as Amazing Link Zeus slot and Diamond King Jackpots slot that offer great fixed jackpots, which can seriously boost your balance.

The appearance of the games is always made to fit the theme and to immerse the players in the gameplay and the atmosphere. Oftentimes the backdrop of the games is made to be incredibly realistic and the fact that all of them are made with top-notch graphics makes the experience even greater. It is obvious that the developers put a lot of effort into designing their games.

spinplay games games

The games are all made with predominately above-average RTP values, which also makes them more appealing to players. There is a game or two, where the developers included multiple RTP values, but generally, these are above the average 96%.

In terms of diversity with themes, the developers have managed to create a pretty diverse portfolio that can appease all kinds of players. There is a wide variety of themes that range from classic fruit themes to mythology and animal themes and considering the gameplay and atmosphere they offer, you are in for some really exciting and entertaining gaming experiences.

Popular SpinPlay Games Slots

In addition to the great visuals, the SpinPlay Games slots offer exciting gameplay as well. They are enhanced with some really creative and elaborate bonus features that make the games even more interesting. On top of that, some games even come with expandable layouts and, as we mentioned, jackpots, so you can certainly look forward to something special.

Wolf Call, Amazing Link: Apollo, Alice in WildLand, Mustang Riches, and Atlantis Rising are just some of the most popular games by this developer.

Wolf Call Slot

The Wolf Call slot will take you to a stunning evergreen forest where you get to join the wild animals and earn big prizes. The game comes with exceptional visuals and you also get the chance to win 4 incredible jackpots as well.

wolf call slot

Amazing Link Apollo Slot

The Amazing Link Apollo slot is part of the famous Amazing Link series that focuses on individual deities. This game will put you in the presence of Apollo, who has many surprises, and bonus features in store for you, including massive jackpots too.

amazing link apollo slot

Alice in WildLand Slot

The Alice in WildLand slot is an incredible game inspired by the famous story. It comes with stunning visuals and it is played on two grids where each one comes with a 5x3 arrangement and 20 paylines. The visuals stay true to the story and you can win up to 12,000x the stake.

alice in wildland slot

Mustang Riches Slot

The Mustang Riches slot will take you to the scorching American deserts where wild horses and other animals roam. The visuals are stunning and the game comes with expandable reels that can certainly make the experience even more fun, by increasing the paylines and the potential chances for big prizes.

mustang riches slot

Atlantis Rising Slot

With the Atlantis Rising slot, dive deep underwater to this mythological kingdom and join the mermaids and the sea life on the square grid for the chance to win incredible prizes. The game comes with exciting bonus features and a very charming atmosphere overall. 

atlantis rising slot

Mobile Experience 

SpinPlay Games takes advantage of the latest advancements in technology in order to bring the best possible experiences to its players. Because of this, all of their games are made with HTML5 technology, which makes them compatible with smaller devices such as mobiles and tablets. You can enjoy the same visuals and gameplay with no downloads necessary.

spinplay games mobile experience


SpinPlay Games still has a long way to go before it becomes a leading software developer, but even despite that, the company has still managed to create a really great game for itself. Becoming a partner of Games Global has been a really incredible stepping stone for the company, which opened even more doors and more opportunities.

The games are all incredible in terms of both the visuals and the gameplay and you can look forward to immersive and exciting experiences with realistically designed visuals that also offer incredible prizes as well and even fixed jackpots.


What types of slots does SpinPlay Games offer?

So far, SpinPlay Games has focused exclusively on creating excellent video slots, so you will not be able to find any table games, poker, or bingo types in the portfolio yet, but maybe in the future, the developers will add those types of games too.

Which are the most popular SpinPlay Games slots?

Some of the most popular slots by SpinPlay Games are Wolf Call, Amazing Link: Apollo, Alice in WildLand, Mustang Riches, and Atlantis Rising.

Are SpinPlay Games slots secure?

SpinPlay Games works in accordance with the rules of the markets to provide safe and fair play. Plus it is a partner of Microgaming, which is another indicator of that.

Are SpinPlay Games slots mobile-friendly?

Yes, all of the games are made with sophisticated HTML5 technology, which means that you can play them on mobiles and tablets as well, without having to worry about additional downloads.

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