A mysterious world of energetic elements, multipliers and supernatural beings comprises Yggdrasil's Avatars: Gateway Guardians slot. The slot design takes things to another level by offering a round mechanism instead of a standard reel-set or grid. A Free Spins bonus and multipliers of up to 101x are included. 

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Avatars: Gateway Guardians Slot Online

Play Yggdrasil’s Avatars: Gateway Guardians slot for a chance to spin the magical wheel and land up to 2500x in prizes. 

Avatars: Gateway Guardians Introduction

Few spin on this wheel and it becomes apparent that many players will grapple to make out what is what in this game. Visually, it seems somewhat confusing at first, however once you have scored the first win you will know how the winning outcomes are made.

There are six parts to the wheel and three rows within each part. Same color orbs turning up on the same one-sixth of the wheel results in a win. When the totem symbols line to conform with the matching color, the slot pays out a win.  

Beyond this, Avatars: Gateway Guardians slots delivers an engaging reel adventure. A bit unusual, yet completely fulfilling and rewarding: there is a maximum multiplier of 101x and the potential top payout is around 2500x not including the highest multiplier.

Avatars: Gateway Guardians Design Features

When it comes to the design, this is in the top five most innovative slots for 2019. The gameplay is electrifying and the world of Avatars: Gateway Guardians slot is simply amazing. Perhaps animation isn't the strongest feature design-wise, yet still, the totems wink at you and the orbs glow.

That Yggdrasil's design studio has excess imagination we see from the screen that closes the free spins bonus. The levitating, meditating totem seems to be straight out of Ben Ridgway's studio and pulls the curtains on the bonus game by displaying the prize that had been won.

The musical score is another highlight. It has been written marvelously to provide the background music to a game of such theme. 

How to Play Avatars: Gateway Guardians Slot

Start by selecting the coin value, which is going to crunch the numbers and provide the total bet per spin. The amount of the bet is shown in the Cash Bet window. 

The smallest coin size is £0.01  and that makes for a bet of 10p. The biggest bet is £20.00 and that makes for a maximum bet of £200.00 per spin. The coin size is the amount that is multiplied by the symbol win.

As it is apparent, anyone can pick a preferable bet from the wide range of options in the Avatars: Gateway Guardians slot. Once ready, you can go on and press the Spin button which is located below the center of the of screen. 

If you want to set the game in autoplay mode you will see the benefit of kicking back and relaxing while the wheel makes the spins on its own. Select the button that is to the right of Spin and choose one of the number presets, between 10 and, ahem, infinity. 

Because there aren't any optional stops for the autoplay mode on Yggdrasil games, the players just need to be mindful of their balance. 

How to Win Avatars: Gateway Guardians Slots

The game features a hotspot which is marked by an electric circuit on one-sixth of the wheel. The wins that occur in this field result in the Multiplier Wheel feature. 

The high-paying symbols are the totems. These are shaped like pizza slices, and each portrays an inhabitant of the fantastic world of Avatars: Gateway Guardians slots. 

The orange totem-avatar pays the most at 400x when the full of it is displayed. The purple pays 200x, the green does 100x and the blue 50x. 

The orbs are the low-paying symbols. Three orbs need to stop on a full slice of the pie. The purple orb pays 20x, green pays 10x and blue pays 10x. 

Avatars: Gateway Guardians Bonus Features

Any win in the hotspot triggers the multiplier game.  This is where the players can see figures of up to 101x awarded on the wins and this is a completely random occurrence. 

The free spins bonus is triggered by the corresponding symbol, which is represented by the lettering of this phrase. The only difference is the innermost corner of the pie, where this symbol is represented by a vortex symbol.

Three of these symbols trigger the free spins. When the bonus is triggered by a greater number of the free spins symbol there more hot spots become available on the circle. 

Avatars: Gateway Guardians Free Play

Yggdrasil are known for releasing even the best games in their portfolio as demos, so the players can get a feel of what may be awaiting them when playing for real money. The game is also available at a number of online casinos on this page when you claim a welcome offer.

Avatars: Gateway Guardians Closing Thoughts 

The are positive impressions on this end of the game, but there are few things our slots experts would have liked to see different. The low maximum payout of around 2500x didn’t have to be disbalanced by a high variance. Low to medium would have been perfect to keep the game going. 

Discover Avatars: Gateway Guardians slots when you claim a welcome offer to the casinos on this page. 

Avatars: Gateway Guardians demo
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Avatars: Gateway Guardians free play
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Avatars: Gateway Guardians slot
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