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Alaxe In Zombieland Slots REVIEW

What We Say - We're not exactly sure who at Microgaming came up with the idea for this slot, but we're quite sure we wouldn't want to meet them on a dark night. One of the most bizarre mash-ups in gaming history, this takes the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland theme, but turns many of its characters into zombies! Dark and decadent, this is grand guignol for the Mad Hatter set, and the visuals are suitably creepy.


The central concept could come across as a gimmick, but it's actually brilliantly integrated here. The bonus rounds are chaotic mini-games based on set-pieces from the books, so you can pick from teapots in the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, or dice with the Red Queen in her Adventure segment. In truth, many of the choices amount to little more than deciding which object to select. Nonetheless, there's good variation, and the games offer great opportunities for amassing money. You can even get into a Free Spins game.


There are slots with better overall game features, but none have the rather wonderful (if deeply strange) theme or feel. For a slot adventure with a difference, Alaxe in Zombieland has the presentation and sense of anarchic fun needed to lift it above the commonplace.


What Microgaming Say - Alaxe in Zombieland is a quite different adaptation of the old nursery tale Alice in Wonderland, and features a range of fright-worthy characters. It sees Alaxe encountering traditionally lovable creatures like the Mad Hatter - only, in this game, those perennial favourites have been transformed into evil undead zombies. Can you save Alaxe while braving the Tea Party, the Red Queen's Adventure, and the Mystery of the Gravestones? Wonderland needs a hero, so step up and you could win a nice reward.


How to Win - The Cake is the Wild, and substitutes for most other symbols. Three Watch Scatters activate Tea Party Bonus Round, giving you the chance to win Multipliers and Free Spins by finding teapots hidden beneath Scatters. Three Gold Key Scatters take you to the Red Queen's Bonus Game, where you pick from roses to uncover rewards. Three Potion Scatters have you pulling up tombstones for rewards.





UP TO £1000









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