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Without any doubt, the most popular theme in online slots is that of fruit slots. This comes as no surprise because the beginnings of online slots are tied to the beginnings of slot machines. When traditional three-reel slot machines hit the floors in land-based casinos, almost all of them, if not all, had slot reels decked with various fruit symbols. Fruits didn’t just look good, they also made the eventual win even sweeter!

The three-reel fruit slot machines were the only option for slots gamblers for a long time. They were available only in land-based casinos and in pubs, but now you can find them online on a slots site or online casino. There is almost no reputable online slots provider that hasn’t developed their own take on traditional three-reel fruit slots. This is the case because three-reel fruit slots are easy to play and excellent for newcomers to the world of online slots. There are no complex rules on playing three-reel fruit slots and all it takes is setting your wager for the spin and pressing the Spin button.

The other reason why online fruit slot machines are so popular is that there is still a group of punters who are nostalgic for the days when they started their slot playing journey on the fruit machines. The online fruit slots are a good way for these punters to, in a sense, go back to the good old days without the use of a time machine.

Although fruit slots are usually associated with simple three reels and a singlepayline, many software developers have decided to make more advanced games. Thus, you can find many examples of three-reel fruit slots with advanced features and excellent bonus games.

Free Fruit Slot Machines

As with all online slot machines, you can play different versions of fruit slot machines online. Players who are starting their online slots journey can try the free versions of three-reel fruit slots to get used to the spinning reel set. The free slot machines are an excellent way to get them started without spending a lot of money. In fact, when playing the free versions of any online slot, players don’t pay at all!

Due to the increased competition, slots providers have free play or demo versions of slots on their websites to give players a taste of what they can expect from the real-money versions. All features and elements of the real-money version are available in the free play except for the banking element. You can spin as much as you like, checking out every feature of the game, but if you land some excellent win, you can’t bank it.

Once you’ve had enough of spinning on the free play, you should move to the real-money version of the slot and see if you are lucky enough to land a winning round.

Play Fruit Slot Machines Online

If you want to try the gameplay of fruit slot machines, you don’t need to go to a land-based casino or a pub. You can find them online and play them either on your laptop or your mobile device.

The online casinos promoted at Slotswise have an excellent selection of fruit slot machines, so claim your welcome offer and spin for the chance to win excellent cash amounts!

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