Jalapeno Racers Slot Game


Jalapeno Racers REVIEW

When it comes to chilli and spicy food, there is no one in the world that does it better than the Mexicans, and this Gamesys video slot game is exactly about the Mexicans and the chilli they are using in the food. With a happy setting, reels based on a heel background with cactus in the back, and the chilly barrels representing the options of the game.

With five reels 20 paylines, there are not one, but four similar reel squares that are spinning simultaneously that gives you x4 chance of winning. All the symbols on the reels are the same and the prizes are the same as well.

The symbols are all related to the Mexican culture, here we can see a guitar, cactus, monkey, rhythm sticks, sombrero and three animals as the highest valued symbols. There is a Bonus symbol that activates a race or the animals, and you need to bet on your animal. Choose wisely, and don’t let the size and actual speed fool you are chances are equal for everyone. Check this game on some of our sites and claim the bonuses and free spins that we offer. Have fun!






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