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Microgaming is one of the most recognisable names in the online gaming industry.

Microgaming Group Games

When it comes to the oldest and best suppliers of online casino software, Microgaming is definitely among them. The successful Microgaming story starts back in 1994 when their first online casino was launched which still uses the Microgaming software to present day. Since their beginnings, Microgaming has grown to include about 70 online casinos.

Microgaming Overview

When online gaming payouts are in question, Microgaming has paid out record-breaking amounts for the progressive jackpot won online many times. The over $1 million jackpots have been paid out multiple times. The difference between other online casinos and Microgaming is that those casinos dribble-pay big winners, while Microgaming casinos pay the jackpot amount immediately and in full.

When anti-online gambling laws were passed in the US in 2008, Microgaming announced that their casinos will be unavailable to American players. Although this decision has cost them a large portion of the market, Microgaming has continued to grow, adding numerous new casinos and games to their offer. Many of the games offered at Microgaming casinos are video slot machines designed with state of the art graphics and sounds.

Having all of the above in mind, it is more than certain that players will be greeted with the same package of games at every Microgaming casino, as well with the same rules and odds.

Microgaming Casinos

When it comes to Microgaming Casinos, it is worth mentioning that they have been around from the very beginning of the Internet. So, it goes without saying that Microgaming has one of the most extensive assortments of online slots on the market. In fact, most Microgaming slots feature excellent designs, rewarding bonus games, including free spins and many jackpot winning opportunities.
Microgaming Games

Regardless of which online casino you decide to visit, there is no doubt that you’ll have plenty of high-quality Microgaming games to choose from. The selection of games offered by Microgaming is huge and consists of such games as blackjack, baccarat, sic bo, among others. You can also find such gaming options as table games, video poker games, and some specialty games like arcade games and scratchcards. Thus, Microgaming offers options to fit everyone’s budget and taste. However, their main area of speciality is the huge database of online video slots, which accounts for about 300 out of the 600 games on offer.

Microgaming Slots

As mentioned in the section above, the huge database of Microgaming online video slots amounts to amazing 300 games. These online video slots are available in more than 120 online casinos with 40 of the most popular and successful poker rooms also using the Microgaming software. This is the reason why Microgaming are able to offer some of the best and biggest progressive jackpots in the industry.

Microgaming Features

When it comes to in-game features, we can easily list Microgaming as one of the most innovative game makers since their features that are not found that often in slots by other game makers. Their features offer players a real “Microgaming difference” during their slot playing experience. The “Features“ are an important part of the “243 ways to win” format of video slot games that Microgaming and other software providers produce.

Even if you have played only one online slot, you have probably come across such terms as stacked wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, and in-game features like free spins and multipliers. These are all used to provide a better gaming experience to players of online slots. Game developers at Microgaming study these features in great details, add certain unique elements to them and place them on the market with the Microgaming trademark label. Three of the best-trademarked Microgaming features are as follows:

Cinematic Spins -  This Microgaming feature let you watch an actual movie clip and with sound on some Microgaming slots. Some of these slots are themed on movie franchises like The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Terminator and Terminator 2. You cannot get a better cinematic experience on video slot than this!

Frozen Wilds – The frozen wilds are advanced sticky wilds. When you trigger them, some symbols on the reel set get frozen or held in place. When the ice melts away, these wild symbols become available to be spun with the other symbols on the reels. You can see this feature on such slot as Microgaming's Girls With Guns: Frozen Dawn slot.

Magnetic Wilds - When triggered, these “magnetised” sticky wilds are not only retained for further spins but are also yanked towards the left-most reel of the video slot. Just a gimmicky thing, innit? Not quite. Recall that on most video slots, winning paylines are generated from left to right. Wild symbol(s) on the first reel often come with a high probability of generating at least a couple of winning paylines. Find this feature on the Girls With Guns: Frozen Dawn™ video slot.

Microgaming Software Safety

When it comes to transparency, Microgaming is most certainly one of the most transparent casino software companies you can find on the internet. The company’s philosophy is centred around safety and security which is probably the reason for the company’s success in the fast-paced online gambling industry.

All Microgaming titles get independently tested by eCOGRA, a non-profit organisation based in London, which awards a seal of approval that has become synonymous with the highest standard of verification and safety in the online gambling industry. In addition, Microgaming has also established Credibility Technologies, including the likes of CashCheck and PlayCheck, which are used to review its players account activity.

Now that you have an idea of what Microgaming does and what innovations they are implementing in their online slots, it would be nice to try their games for yourself. We are more than happy to inform you that you can find reviews for many of their online slots at Slotswise. You can also claim excellent welcome offers from various slots and casino sites right from our site.

Spin on Microgaming online slots for the chance to win real cash, but don’t forget to claim your welcome offer from those featured at Slotswise!

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