Released: 30 Apr 2015

Monopoly Big Event slot is a great five reel  three row  online slot that has excellent bonus features and cash prizes. Spin to Win on RTP from 96.00% to 99.00% which is  great  reason to have fun and take the chance of taking home a big payout. 

Monopoly Big Event Slot

Monopoly Big Event Slot Review

Monopoly Big Event slot is a great five reel three row online slot that has excellent bonus features and cash prizes. Spin to Win on RTP from 96.00% to 99.00% which is great reason to have fun and take the chance of taking home a big payout. 


Online casino gaming experts Barcrest have designed the Monopoly Big Event slot to bring a great gambling entertainment for the players. What is more, this edition of Monopoly features a Wheel of Fortune game, winnings multipliers and prizes of 1000 and 2000 times your total wager. The game can be player at the SlotsWise affiliate casinos which, by the way, offer excellent sign up bonuses, free spins and other surprises for the slots players out there. Before we get into some more detail about the Monopoly Big Event slot, we'll need to mention that this game has a cap at the maximum amount that can be won, and that is 250,000 coins, which converted into the playing denomination and the bet, it is a spectacular sum of money. So let's begin reviewing Monopoly Big Event slots. 

Monopoly Big Event Slots Design

Anyone who has ever played Monopoly will be familiar with the concept of the game and its iconic design. The game of Monopoly is about buying up as many properties as possible so that the other players will shell out cash to pay your for trespassing. This is one of the most exciting board games the world has ever known (after chess and go perhaps) and it is fitting that it has its own online and land-based casino version as a slot machine of the Monopoly slots series. The particular Monopoly Big Event slot plays and feels like the board game. There are five reels and three rows that spin across 20 paylines, which are fixed to that number. 

The reel set features some of the classic Monopoly tokens, such as the Scottish terrier, a cat, an old racecar, a steamboat and the monopoly tycoon also known as Rich Uncle Pennybags. Besides these high paying symbols, we have the somewhat standard card numbers and letters ten, jack, queen, king and ace. The game's board set features a Monopoly background and the Monopoly Big Event slot logo displayed prominently on top of the board, somewhat reminiscent of a Las Vegas neon sign of the sort sported by the casinos. Monopoly Big Event slot also has a quality music score. It features an upbeat street strolling track that gives a pump to the gameplay and just fits in well into the whole landscape. 

Play Monopoly Big Event slot - Claim Your Free Spins at SlotsWise

How to Play Monopoly Big Event Slot

Before anything, the player is advised to set the stake per line or the reels will lock the preset amount that has loaded in when the game is started. Because the paylines are fixed, the bet is disbursed across all 20 of them, and that is a good thing because it removes a setting that in certain games is redundant. By placing the stake per line, the player bets the amount that is displayed in that window across all paylines. This is really the only setting, besides the Autospin function, that one needs to figure out in Monopoly Big Event slots. It makes it so easy. The amount that will produce the total wager starts from 1p per line and goes as much as £25 per line. The window below the Stake/Line gives you the total amount that is being bet across all 20 paylines and that amount can be as low as 20p to as much as £500. This makes Monopoly Big Event slots a game for everyone because 20 cents per spin is really one of the lowest wagers, which by the way, can deliver a great payout. 

How to Win Monopoly Big Event

As was said up top, this game gives good winning amounts. First noted is the combination of five like symbols of the Wild card and the Monopoly tycoon pay 2000 coins times your total wager. The lesser valued symbols also pay good amounts, with the steamboat paying 1000 and the racecar 500 and so on. The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the Big Monopoly Event slot logo and the In Jail symbol featuring the monopoly tycoon. This means that there are two high-paying symbols of the same amount (2000 coins) and one of these is good for the Wild substitute, which can substitute not just one but two or three symbols, in the event of a completely random and rare Wild symbol bonanza on the reels.  

Monopoly Big Event Bonus Features

This online slot machine features bonus features that bring about exciting extra playing modes during which the player can win great sums of money. The two games are simply called the 20,00 game, which is the Win Multiplier and the 30,00 game or the Bonus Wheel.
The player can activate these games by pushing the Play Big Bet button and there are the two games that can be played for some of your coins. 

Win Multiplier

The Progressive Win Multiplier game allows the player to spend 20,00 per game for the chance of five spins which are played on multipliers starting from one and progressing to five with each spin. Now this is a gamble feature where the wins are not guaranteed, however, the chance of 5x the winning amount could be a great incentive for some players out there. 

Bonus Wheel 

For 30,00 the player can opt for a game of Wheel of Fortune that has only three fields and three different potential winning categories which are Persisting Wild, Five Epic Spins where all winnings are multiplied by five and the Progressive Multiplier which is just like the first Monopoly Big Event bonus feature, it features five spins that gain a multiplier from one to five. 

Our Monopoly Big Event Review

The verdict for the Monopoly Big Event slot is - spin to win! It is a fun game of the Monopoly board game genre, which if you are a fan of, will make the playing experience all the more fun. The Monopoly Big Event bonus features are good, however, they are a bit steep so one would consider if, or better, when, to play them. At any event, the game delivers the stated cash prizes and has a Return to Player that ranges from 96.00% to 99.00%, which is an excellent invitation for those chasing the jackpot. Good luck and Spin to Win at any of the SlotsWise affiliate casinos

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