Released: 8 Apr 2019

Do you enjoy playing board games and slots? Then check out this exciting online game that brings the best of both worlds. Slingo Monopoly brings entertaining gameplay with the Joker as its main bonus feature. Roll the dice and hope for the best! 

Monopoly Slingo Slot

Monopoly Slingo Slot Review

Table of Contents 

  1. About Monopoly Slingo Slot
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Our Verdict

Play the original Monopoly game with exciting modern online elements. Slingo Originals brings this five-reel, unique game with 25 fixed paylines, where you could win up to a fantastic 300x the bet. 

monopoly slingo

About Monopoly Slingo Slot 

Monopoly Slingo has a typical Monopoly board game layout. There are 25 paylines and a bonus game that you can trigger by landing specific symbols in the base game. 

This slot game combines bingo and board game elements into one, with the game taking place on a 5x5 grid, with each square on the playing grid representing a property from the Monopoly board game. 

You spin the reels or roll the dice to reveal numbers matching the numbers on the playing grid to complete lines and provide payouts. The more lines you complete, the better your payout will be.

To win in Slingo Monopoly, you must obtain a line of five squares on the grid, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Acquiring a set of properties can also increase your payout, and there are opportunities to obtain multipliers that can further enhance your winnings.

The minimum bet in the game is only 0.20p per spin, going up to £25 per spin. The potential maximum payout is 300x the stake.

Design, Symbols, and Graphics

The game features colourful and eye-catching graphics, with a bright green colour scheme reminiscent of the Monopoly board game. The 5x5 grid sits against a backdrop of a Monopoly board, complete with familiar landmarks such as the “Go” square and the “Jail” square. 

slingo monopoly

The symbols in Monopoly Slingo are visually appealing and easily recognisable, including numbers from 1 to 12, as well as special characters such as the Monopoly Man, Dice, and the game’s logo - Top Hat. The special symbols can trigger bonus features, such as the chance and community chest cards.

The game features a range of sound effects that will enhance your gaming experience. These include upbeat sounds that play in the background and sound effects that accompany each spin of the reels.

The game also features voiceovers from the Monopoly Man, who will congratulate you on your wins and offer frequent encouragement throughout the game. The symbols offer payouts between 0.1x and 10x, depending on your winning combination. 

RTP, Variance, and Payouts for Monopoly Slingo Slot

The Monopoly Slingo is a medium volatile game with an RTP of 95.30%. The top win in the game is 300x.

What makes Monopoly Slingo stand out is its variable volatility, dependent on the selected game mode. Players can choose from four different configurations, each with increasing volatility. Opting for a higher level will provide more rolls and the potential for greater rewards, but the odds of obtaining them may be lower compared to the easier game mode.

In our Variance, Volatility, and RTP Guide, you can learn more about return-to-player percentages and other essential definitions. 

Gameplay and Features on Monopoly Slingo Slot

Monopoly Slingo features a layout closely resembling the traditional Monopoly board game. Players will recognize the familiar game tokens, colours, properties, and squares. 

To begin playing, players must choose their bet size. Each round consists of 7 or 8 spins, but players can win free spins or purchase additional ones if they are close to winning. 

A new set of numbers will appear on the reels with each new spin. If these numbers match any on the game grid, the corresponding property will be marked off, increasing the player’s chances of winning a Slingo.

monopoly slingo slot

Joker Bonus Feature

The primary bonus feature in Slingo Monopoly is the Joker. When you arrive at a square that features a Joker, you will activate the bonus game. During this feature, you will see nine playing cards, with only one containing a cash prize.

If you successfully choose the card with the prize, you will get that prize as part of your winnings. However, the card selection is random, and you cannot choose it yourself. Occasionally, the game will offer you the opportunity to strategically place the Joker card on the game grid, potentially increasing your winning chances.

The Free Parking pot increases every time you pass the “Go” square on the game board. If you land on the Free Parking square, you will receive the money accumulated in the pot. 

Additionally, the game board features Chance and Community Chest Squares. These cards will reward or penalize you when you land on them. Possible rewards or penalties include being sent to another square on the game grid, being sent to jail, or winning cash prizes. 

Furthermore, if the bingo bowl symbol appears on the game grid, you may receive a limited number of free spins as a reward.

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Our Verdict 

Monopoly Slingo from Scientific Games is an exciting game that combines the classic gameplay of Monopoly with the fast-paced action of bingo. It is an exciting combination that might not be everyone’s favourite, but it brings a pleasant refreshment from regular online slots.

With a visually appealing design, familiar symbols and sounds, and fast gameplay, this game gave me a unique and engaging gaming experience. 

Whether you are a fan of Monopoly or not or just looking for a fun and entertaining game, Monopoly Slingo is worth checking out. Roll the dice, spin the reels, and see if you can hit the top win in this exciting game!

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