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Worms Slots Review

Worms slots is a 50 payline game spread across five reels and four rows. It is fast-paced and entertaining adventure of worm soldiers that are armed to the teeth and ready to bust open the bank's vault.

Worms Slots

Although the premise seems a bit ludacris, the Worms slots is actually based on a rather old "battleship" type of computer game of the same name. In the original game you are in control of a platoon of worms whose mission is to destroy the opposing platoon. They use an arsenal of more or less destructive weapons and trickery. The Worm slots symbols echo the original game’s inventory of weapons, characters and events, while the sounds are all in place to create a wacky military environment somewhat remindful of the famous book Catch 22. At any rate, we have here a Worms slots and an army of worms hard at work to bring you nice winnings.  


The design is outright cartoonish. A medley of colors and funny-looking symbols make up the face of the game. Behind it, Worms slots plays like a decent digital slot machine. The main window is where all the action is taking place. The control pane below it is where you can set the amount of your wager, view the paytable and set the slot on autospin if you like to kick back. 

Other than that, there isn't much to emphasize about the design. The rows of bullets for paylines are obvious and the worms logo with the hand grenade instead of an O is also, hard to miss. The background features few other details that hint at the mayhem caused by the warring worms. There are few crates attached to parachutes, which are possibly crammed to the top with cash, or possibly TNT. There are also two bunkers facing each other and couple of worms coming down on a parachute. 

How To Play Worms

The game is easy to set up. Select the amount of your wager and spin the reels. The bet amount can range from a total of 50p and up to £200. Since this is a fixed payline slot machine your wager goes across all 50. To score a winning you need to get three like symbols across a payline. As was mentioned before, the symbols are worms in various roles - an army general, a band of worm generals, worms manning a heavy weapon, a worm in a crosshairs holding a uzi, and so on. Thankfully, the crazy worms are balanced by something that everyone can relate to - cards from 9 to Ace. The Wild card symbol is an ecstatic worm with his hands thrown up and the scatter symbol is a crate that has BONUS written across.  

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How To Win Worms

Like most other slots Worms slot give free spins and this occurs when you land three of the BONUS crates in reels 2, 3 and 4. There is an extra feature during the free spins and it is called Free Spins Battle. In it whenever you win one of few additional Worms slot symbols in the middle reel you get various prizes: a Sergeant Major awards you with cash prize; a worm medic improves your health and there is a small adverse effect when the out of place pirate worm appears. During this mod you are in the role of the Scots worm, dressed in full Highlander gear and his objective is to stay in the game as long as possible by revealing the health-giving symbol.

During the Worms Bonus you pick a crate to reveal a bonus symbol that gives you a prize. A worm holding a pistol gives you a Free Spins Battle and in the event you can get unlimited free spins as long as they become re-triggered. The cosmonaut worm starts the Space Trail Bonus where you can win up to 1000x your wager. And there is a Scotsman worm in a blue kilt who starts the Crate Escape Bonus where you can win up to 100x your wager. 

 Sergeant Major awards Cash Prize.

  Skull & Crossbones worm reduces your health

  Doctor Worm Improves your health

The Space Trail Bonus is another bonus mod that reminds of the board game "Sorry". The mission for Cosmo Worm is to advance through a number of planets and reach a multiplier of x1000. Along the way you select toolboxes that reveal pickup locations. There are two more symbols here - the "Advance" symbol allows you to move along planets and gain a bigger bonus prize. When you reveal a bubbly warhead a strike is unleashed; if you avoid it (up to the slot) you will continue but if you get hit the bonus feature is over. 

There are more hidden winnings in Worms. If you get a stack of eight wild cards across two reels a donkey appears on the screen and you get a bonus of £375. 

The developers of Worms slot have created a statistical probability of you winning a crazy amount of money. This can occur if the wild card fills all rows and reels across all palyines. In the event you get a massive £250,000.00. Is this possible? We think it is, since it is presented as a possibility on the paytble. If you are feeling a wild stroke of luck play the Worms slots and you might be surprised  

Our Review

This is a great slot game. Don’t be swayed to the nope by the theme because what is hiding behind the face is one of the most entertaining slots we have ever encountered. Besides that, the bonuses are a lot of fun and they generate a possibility for a major win. Even you don’t get the statistical probability of landing all wild symbols, you still have you shot at a number of free spins features, plus bonus games and other winning combos that are boosted by the scatter and wild cards. Do we recommend Worms slot? Surely and absolutely. You will find it in one of our casinos to your right along with excellent welcome bonuses. 

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100% up to £200


100% up to £200

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100% up to £300

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Key Details
Reels: 5
Paylines: 50
Release Date: 2014
RTP: 95.24%

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