Released: 1 Jan 2015

Blueprint Gaming are the progenitors of the Peggle slot - a famous arcade game for many platforms that has its own slots version. As the Peggle ball bearing skips from place to place, the winnings may reach some notable heights. There are multiple tiers through which the players can progress and win the Peggle cash prizes and unlock the game's surprises. The maximum win is to the tune of 25,000 and the game's layout is five reels, four rows playing on a total of 50 lines. The Extreme Fever is a free spins bonus game that is triggered by three of the bonus symbols.

Peggle Slots Slot

Peggle Slots Slot Review

If there is someone out there that has played Popcap’s Peggle, you will be delighted to hear that there is an online video slot game that is based on and inspired by this game. It’s called Peggle Slots slot, and it is brought to this world by Blueprint Gaming in 2014. The slot game can be played on various levels, and Blueprint Gaming definitely made the best they could from it, making all the people that have played the original game feel the nostalgy for the game and all that was in it.

Our Peggle Slots Overview

The five reeled 50 paylines slot game makes sure you won’t miss a single winning combination with this number of paylines. The max win from the base game is a shameful x10 your wager but wait till you see the wager you can bet on – it will rock your world.

Find the game on Slotswise, choose your favourite casino to play at, as it will award you with some whopping welcome bonuses and facilitators to your ultimate goal. And who knows? You might even become the next Peggle master, once you trigger the Peggle Slots bonus features! 

Peggle Slots Machine

Are you ready to experience the amazing features of Popcap’s Peggle Slots slot game? You are in the right place. This game will most definitely make sure you have the best experience, and since you are on Slotswise, we will make sure you visit the casinos that give you the best user experience.

Peggle Slots Design

Peggle Slots has a really nice and positive design, with lots of colours and optimistic spirit in it.

On your first glance at the game, you will notice all the features that were present in the game that inspired Peggle slot, Popcap’s Peggle. The whole screen is taken up by the reels, who are semi-transparent, and you can see a field full of flowers and colourful sunlight coming from the top right corner. The left and right sides of the reels are reserved for the paylines, and if you mouseover, you can see how they function.

The top of the screen is reserved for the game’s sponsors, while the top middle is for the game’s logo. The bottom, however, is for the features that make this game a lot more interesting. You can set the denomination, the coin value, see your total paid amount, check the game’s info and hit the “Auto Play” and “Bet Max” features

It’s a really optimistic design, which is expected from a game developed in 2014.

How To Play Peggle Slots

Spin the reels of Peggle Slots slot, the five reeled and 50 paylines online slots game. You can set the denomination with the range from £0.50 all the way up to amazing £500.00, which means the people who are willing to play with really high wagers and want a bit of adrenaline rush can play with the higher wager, and we have just the feature to do that. Hit the “Bet Max” if you want to experience how it’s like to play Peggle Slot with the highest wager. This will set the denomination and the coin value all the way to the max, and it will also activate all of the 50 paylines that the game possesses.

Be careful with this feature, as it might seem like a big bite, it may lose all of your money fast – so if you are without a plan or an upper limit for your cash, it’s not a good feature. On the other hand, there is a feature called “Auto Play” where you can sit back and relax while the game does the spins for you. This is a different, more relaxed approach to the game, and all you need to do is set the denomination and the number of auto spins. You can always change your mind and cancel the feature, returning to manual play.

Peggle Slots Symbols

Once you see the symbols, you’ll realize that they are all from the game. The symbols are divided into higher and lower valued symbols where the higher valued symbols are the ones we just mentioned, the original game’s symbol. On the other hand, the lower valued symbols are represented by the standard deck of cards inspired symbols starting from the number 9 and going all the way to the Ace.

To make things more interesting, there are few extra symbols in Peggle Slot. The wild symbol is represented by a yellow start with the word “Wild” on it. This symbol is used as a substitute for the normal symbols that we previously mentioned and participating in the winning combinations of the same. The Extreme Fever is the Scatter symbol which is used for the bonus features.

Peggle Slots Bonus Features

The Peggle Slots free spins feature is triggered by landing three or more of the Extreme Fever scatter symbols anywhere on the screen. You have the possibility to land one of the 10 Peggle Masteries, but these are only unlocked gradually. The unlocks occur as follows:

  • First Spin Of The Game
  • Five Consecutive Winning Spins
  • Fifty Line Win
  • Enter Bonus Round 20 Times
  • Back To Back Bonus Trigger
  • Big Bonus Win
  • Earn Every Paytable Win
  • 10 Consecutive Losing Spins
  • 15 Consecutive Losing Spins
  • 20 Consecutive Losing Spins

We’ve only managed the first and second ones so far and this unlocks Master Hu, as here you will keep spinning the reels until you’ve earned ten wins and Kat Tut.

As we continue playing the game we will complete the spin options offered by each Master.

Our Peggle Slots Review

Peggle Slots slot is a pretty much straightforward game where you are spinning the reels of a slot game inspired by Popcap’s Peggle original game. With the Peggle RTP set at 95.15%, this game is not worse, nor better than most online slots, considering that the standard RTP rate is considered to be somewhat around 95%.

With a decent, acceptable RTP and an interesting progressive bonus feature that awards you more the more you play the game, you are in the right spot and right page for some awesome rewards.

Find the game on our Slotswise site, choose an online casino on the right-hand side and pick one of the welcome bonuses that will facilitate your way to the lucrative wins. Best of luck!

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