Head to the paradise-like Tiki Island where you will discover a slot game made by the slots experts at Gamesys. Tiki island has five reels, three rows and 20 paylis. This confluence of values spins for the chance to bring back some exquisite prizes, among which is the game's top payout prize of £100,000. If you are into big prizes or if you simply enjoy Tiki-themed slots, this is the game to try. The Tiki Island wild landing in five instances on a payline brings back a prize of 10,000 on the line bet, which at the highest bet spells out the sum stated above. There are bonus features in this game, such as the Puffer Fish bonus and the Tiki Nuts bonus.

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Tiki Island Slot Online

Venture to tropical climes for this vibrant slot that’s sure to put you in the mood for summer! Introducing Tiki Island slots, the five-reel, 20 payline game from Gamesys! Join the Tiki Island slot characters in a quest for riches and even the elusive £100,000 top prize!

Enjoy the colourful design of the Tiki Island and on-theme symbols as you spin for a chance to land some amazing rewards, with the opportunity to do so in many different ways!

tiki island slot

Tiki Island Overview

As we said, you’ll really get a feel for the Tiki Island game’s vibrancy as soon as you launch it. The graphics are well-drawn, clear and most definitely colourful. Tiki Island Slot's theme is based on some sort of Pacific island. This seems like good slots setting for us!

This game’s incredible symbols include various fish, a Tiki man, some colourful flowers, a monkey and a Tiki girl, each of which will need to be landed in combinations of three or more to win some cash prizes!

The Tiki Island slot also has a scatter symbol represented by what appears to be a shield with a face on it. Plus, Tiki Island has two bonus symbols, one being some coconuts and the other being a puffer fish.

There is also an extremely rewarding wild symbol that’s represented by the Tiki Island game logo!

Tiki Island Origin

The origin of this game is pretty much given in the title. The action is set on a pacific island and all symbols that appear on the reels are on theme. This may not be the most original slot theme, but the way in which Gamesys developed it is quite original. With the cheerful fish symbols, the typical island flowers and the island characters, Tiki Island is one of the most colourful online slots.

How To Play Tiki Slots

Before you start spinning Tiki Island's tropical reels, you must select how much you’d like to wager with, and this is done by not only selecting your coin size but also by choosing how many activepaylinesyou would like to play across.

Choosing your coin size is easily done by clicking the + or - symbols underneath ‘Coin Size’, as you may have guessed! Coin size values for Tiki Island slot range between 1p and £10, and with 20paylinesto potentially play across, Tiki Island Slot has the potential to attract some players with large budgets!

As mentioned, Tiki Island is a multiline slot, giving players the choice of up to 20paylinesto wager across. It’s worth noting that the coin size you choose to play with will be multiplied by a number of activepaylines, resulting in your total stake.

So, if your coin size is 10p, but you’re wagering across all 20paylines, your total stake for each spin will be £2. But don’t worry, you can wager the smallest coin size across just onepaylineif need be, resulting in a stake of 1p.

Alternatively, in Tiki Island you can wager a huge £10 coin size on each line, meaning the stake for each spin would be a whopping £200!

How To Win Tiki Island Free Slot Game

Players must land symbol combinations of three or more consecutively across the reels, although with 20 activepaylinesto play across, landing wins needn’t be too hard.

The most lucrative symbol is definitely the Tiki Island wild symbol, paying out a staggering 10,000x your coin size if five are landed on an activepayline.

If you don’t land enough wild symbols on the Tiki Island reels for them to make their own combination, they will also be substituted for any other symbols, except the scatter or bonus, in order to help make wins. 

Bonus Features

  • The Puffer Fish Bonus Game - this bonus feature is a welcome addition when playing Tiki Island and can be launched when landing three yellow puffer fish symbols. From here, you'll be taken under the sea for the chance to win some big cash prizes! You must click on one of the three presented puffer fish to release coins, although if you eventually choose one without any, the bonus round will end and you'll be taken back to Tiki Island.

  • The Tiki's Nuts Bonus Game - this feature is initiated when three Coconut symbols land on any activepayline. The principle for this bonus game is much like the other; click one of the visible coconuts to crack it open and reveal your winning payout. But beware, an empty coconut means you'll be heading back to Tiki Island yet again!

Scatter Symbols

Whilst the Tiki Island Slot’s scatter symbols aren’t the most lucrative, they’re sure to still offer a nice sum when they land in a winning combination. Depending on how many lands, you’ll win a different multiplier:

Three scatter symbols - 5x multiplier
Four scatter symbols - 25x multiplier
Five scatter symbols - 100x multiplier

tiki island slots

Tiki Island Mobile Version

If you prefer playing slots on your smartphone or tablet, or you want to have that as an option, you won’t be disappointed, as Tiki Island is a mobile-friendly game. Gamesys developed this game using HTML5 technology, which means that all options that are available on the desktop version are also offered in the mobile version of the game.

And you won’t need to download any apps or do any extra steps in order to play this game on your smartphone. All that is necessary is for you to open the casino site in your mobile browser, log in to your account and start playing Tiki Island. Even if you don’t have a casino account and you’re reading this on your mobile device, you will still be able to choose a site from our partners, register your account today and you can start playing right away.

Tiki Island Tips

A recurring tip of ours for players spinning on multiline slots such as Tiki Island is to try and wager across as many activepaylinesas possible.

Although morepaylinesmeans a higher stake, we’d also recommend lowering the coin size, ultimately balancing out the cost and resulting in a stake that isn’t unbearably large!

So remember, the morepaylinesthat are active, the more chance there is of landing symbol combinations in various ways and ultimately receiving some nice payouts!

What Does RTP Mean?

RTP stands for 'Return to Player' and it refers to the odds of slots players winning cash prizes when playing a certain game. The RTP percentage of online slots varies.

The RTP of a game can also be considered as the house edge. So, if you're wondering what the Tiki Island RTP is, it's 96.30%. This means for every £100 wagered on Tiki Island, it pays out £96.30 on average. However, this doesn't mean that all players can expect to benefit from this percentage.

Tiki Island Variance 

Variance and RTP aren’t the same thing, as you may already know. Variance gives us the theoretical return rate, whereas variance or volatility refers to the maximum prizes in relation to the win frequency. In simpler terms – if you can’t expect to win too often, but the prizes are rather high we’re talking of high variance, whereas if you win more often, but the potential winnings are lower, then the game has low variance. Tiki Island is a game of medium variance, which means it is balanced in terms of win frequency and potential winning amounts.

Our Review Of Tiki Island

Tiki Island slot is a game for all spinners seeking sunnier climes! The graphics alone are enough to make this slot a pretty good one, offering tropical design throughout, both on and off the reels. Although the symbols in Tiki Island Slot are cartoonish, this slot isn’t attempting to follow some newer slots in trying to look realistic. However, it still looks great.

Aside from its appearance, Tiki Island plays well and has great usability. Plus, with such variables of coin sizes, players of all pocket sizes are welcome!

There are also a few great additions in the form of bonus features, giving players, even more, chances to win big! With coins, cash payouts and multipliers up for grabs, we can imagine that all players will be pleased when triggering such features. The RTP for Tiki Island is 96.30%.

As advocates of free spins rounds, we’d have to say that Tiki Island slot is a slot that could do with one, although this seems like a minor issue for an otherwise excellent and vibrant game!

For some colourful slots fun in a Pacific setting, travel over to Tiki Island to enjoy some sun, sea and slots...and hopefully some big wins too!

If you want to play Tiki Island for real money register with one of the sites featured on SlotsWise. Upon registration you will be able to claim a number of bonuses and even play free casino games.

Tiki Island demo
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Tiki Island slot
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