Released: 30 Sep 2013

Tiki Island demo

As all online slot players will tell you, besides for the entertainment and overall experience that online games offer, they also play them to win some excellent prizes. If you want to have greatest opportunities for a win, regardless of the casino or bingo site, you can achieve this by playing online slots that offer the highest RTP.

What does RTP stand for?

RTP is an abbreviation of ‘Return to Player’ which is simply said a percentage of all wins overall stakes played. However, you should bear in mind that the RTP percentage is an average which is calculated for a certain number of plays of the game and not for each play of the online slot. So, the higher the RTP of any given video slot, the better! As for which slots offer you the highest possible payout percentages, there is no connection to the number of reels with the RTP percentage since many slots with just three reels offer quite high RTPs while some more online games with five or more reels offer just average or above average percentages.

Tiki Island RTP

What slots should I play?

As previously mentioned, you would want to play an online slot that offers a higher RTP percentage. Games that are considered as best to play, have a payout percentage that is over 96%, so those should be the games to focus on when playing online. An online slot with an RTP less than 96% will get you shorter playing session and you will decrease your bankroll much quicker over time, so it would be a smart thing to always avoid these slots. 

As a general tip for playing online slots, in order to get the highest possible Return to Player out of all online slots you play, you should always activate the maximum number of paylines to have a better chance at receiving higher jackpot payouts. The highest paying jackpots are always awarded to players who opt to place the maximum bet, so you should make a habit of reading slot paytables to check if you are going to benefit from wagering the highest possible total stake.  

Tiki Island RTP

Having in mind all these information, we can say that Tiki Island slot is definitely among the best slots available to play online. It not only has an RTP that is above the average, but it also offers its players with great additional bonus features which can help you reap great rewards. The game advertises an RTP of some 96.30% which lists Tiki Island slot as a high paying online slot and one that is worth giving a try.

Finding the exact Return to Player percentage of any online slot can be done in two ways; you can either open the game’s paytable, which can be usually found by pressing the paytable button or “i” (information) button, or you can find the information on the casino site that has the game in their list of available games. If you want to find out more information beside the Tiki Island RTP, you can visit our Tiki Island slot review page.

If the Island of Tiki looks appealing to you, register at one of the sites featured on SlotsWise, claim your bonus and play Tiki Island today!

Key Features
  • ProviderGamesys
  • Reels5
  • Min Bet0.10
  • Max Payout10000.00x
  • RTP96.30
  • Paylines20
  • Max Bet200.00
  • Bonus Rounds2
  • VarianceMedium
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