Cleopatra RTP


Cleopatra is one of the most famous female rulers of all time and with her leadership abilities it has inspired many artists in their works of art. There are many movies, songs, books and what else not that found the muse in this Egyptian leader. The one that we are here to talk about is the IGT team and their piece of art called Cleopatra slot game.


Word or Two about Cleopatra Slot

 Cleopatra is an online video slot that is developed by IGT and is probably on the list on one of the most played online video slots in the UK and internationally. It offers 5 reels with 20 paylines positioned on reels that resemble the queen’s tomb, and ever since 2016, it’s been making people happy and satisfied.

To spin the reels, you need to set the wager of £0.01 up to £20.00 where you have the chance of going into one bonus game and winning some of the most lucrative prizes that the game offers. But how much of the cash that players are putting inside the game actually goes back to them? We are here to talk exactly about that.


Cleopatra RTP

Cleopatra offers a pretty acceptable RTP of 95,00% that is fixed among the base game and in the bonus feature that it offers. With many of the online video slot games offering a lower amount of RTP, you should definitely go to Cleopatra and see what it can offer.


What is an RTP?

RTP or Return to Player is a term used in the slot world to determine the percentage of cash that will be returned to the player by one certain game. It is being calculated differently among the games, as ones might calculate it at 10,000 spins, others measurement will be 100,000 spins or more. At the end, that is the percentage of the money that will be returned to the players.

In other words, if you have deposited £100 and the RTP of the game is 95%, the game will pay out £95, but of course, as we said, it is measured over a greater period of time.


RTP Confusion

Many of the online slot players misunderstand the word RTP and think that it is the amount of cash that it will be returned to them in the game that they are currently playing. That doesn’t make any sense as every time someone tries to play the game will end up losing few percentages of the cash, and we can constantly see big winners among the games.



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UP TO £1000




up to £500