The Contact slot is a five reel slot with seven rows that makes out the winnings in the cluster pays fashion. The game was developed by the slots experts at Play N Go who have envisioned a spectacular display of mysterious symbols. Contact slots has multipliers that are won by landing big clusters that touch as high as the multiplier mark, and also offers game modifiers on the right-hand column. The players can get 3 initial free spins or 6, and a chance for these to become more by landing subsequent winnings 

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Contact Slot Online

Play Contact slot for a chance to win huge cluster pays supported by multipliers and surprise game modifiers. 

Contact Overview

Play N Gohavecome up again with an amusing slots title simply named Contact. We have a five-reel grid here with seven rows thatplaysin the manner of stacking tiles. The objective of the game is for those tiles to become part of a cluster of matching symbols. When that occurs the winning cluster will disappear and make room for a new set that comes fills the empty spaces. Contact slot comes with multipliers, symbol upgrade feature, block destroyerandextra free spins. 

This is a Mayan-Aztec themed slot game featuring a range of symbols that displays the etchings and relief-forms that one would find on the ancient stones in this lands. There is certainly a mysterious air about the Contact slots, and not only because the stepped pyramids have been associated with alien life forms. The potential for winnings gets a boost from the collapsing reels style of play which displays a rather intelligent animated extraction of the non-winning symbols. These fold and collapse, making an impressive display of the gameplay. 

Each consecutive win in which the line of matching symbols touches upon the line marked with amultiplier,triggers that number and inturninvites a boost on the winnings. 

So let's check out some of the gameplay details and how do we go about setting up for the play. 

How to Play Contact Slot

Setting up for the gameplay requires simply choosing a bet from the range of bets that are available below the reels. The smallest amount that can be selected is £0.20 and the biggest amount that can be placed is £100. There are many amounts that are available, both in terms of high-stakes and in terms of regular bets that are available to any player out there. 

This invites fun time on the reels and comes with the chance of winning amounts that are more serious than not, in the case of the Contact slot turning up a sequence of winnings that go on and on, drawing on the multipliers and surprises from the blocks on the right column. 

There are few buttons that may come in useful, besides the green Spin circle which is located in the bottom right corner. The Autoplay button is just to the right of it and clicking it opens up a box that enables a set of more specific options, such as setting a loss or a win limit and the number of automatic falls, up to 100. Another button on the reel-set is for the paytable. 

This button is marked by the 'i' stylized in a blue circle. Clicking or tapping it will open up the information board that contains all of the symbol wins and details about the bonus features and the special symbols. 

How to Win Contact Slots

It was stated earlier that the winnings come with the forming of clusters of the same symbol. Because the grid of five reels and seven rows has quite the number of squares, more than one cluster of a matching symbol can turn up for the lucky players. There is an impressive gameplay feature that occurs when the better half of the reels has been impressed on with a winning cluster, causing the non-winning symbols to disappear, and inviting a new set. 

If this new set is another cluster, the view will focus and zoom-in on the upper part of the reel-set where the action is now focused on the last remaining spaces becoming filled by a matching tile. When the full stack is covered by one or two or three matching symbols, the highest kicker on the columns will be activated and the player will get both the multiplier on the win, as well as a super bonus round. 

Contact Slot Bonus Features

The bonus round is reached when a highly-stacked cluster reaches the first question mark located on the fourth block on the right-hand column. Along thewaythe winning combination will have drawn a multiplier or two as well. The question mark may reveal one offewoptions. 

The Block Destroyer comes shaped like a golden skull. This symbol will destroy one multiplier block. In the super bonusroundit destroys three. 

Extra Free Spins is a sun-shaped symbol that increases the free spins by one in the regular round and by three in the super bonus round.

The Contact slotshasa symbol upgrade, represented by anativeAmerican teepee. This symbol upgrades one winning cluster. In the super round, it will upgrade every winning cluster on the grid. 

Symbol Wins

The most valuable symbol on the grid is a purple and gold mask. This is one of four masks which are the high-paying symbols. The rest of the symbols are animal etchings and there are five of these. The dynamic paytable will display the symbol pays according to the wager that has been specified on the ticker below. Those who are in it for a high-stakes game will see that the purple-gold mask pays 150 of your currency's units for a cluster of five or more such symbols. Playing the Contact slot with £2 will have the same symbol pay £3 for the same number of it in a cluster. 

To get a taste of this eery alien -themed slot, you can claim the welcome bonus right from this page and start your adventure. 

Contact demo
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Contact slot
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