What this Mahjong 88 slot offers, compared to other mahjong editions, are the added details that have a role to play in the gameplay, such as the frog carrying the golden Chinese coins, and the cards and the season bonus. A prize of 5000x awaits the luckiest players out there on a grid of 8 x 8 and four bonus rounds made out at random. Claim a welcome bonus to play today.

Mahjong 88 demo

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Mahjong 88 Slot Online

Play the Mahjong 88 slot for a chance to win the top prize of 5000x plus other smaller yet still hefty prizes. 

Mahjong 88 Overview

Mahjong is a popular dominos-like table game originating from ancient China. The gameplay of the Mahjong 88 slot precisely follows the rules and the same idea, but the playing surface and everything around it has been made like a slot game. Play N' Go have their own unique way of designing slot games, so anyone who has played their slots will recognize familiar patterns. The mahjong board consists of an eight by eight gird and the objective is to get matching symbols with each turn. 

But even though it is a bit more complicated than that, the players who don't know the first thing about mahjong will have an easy time enjoying what unfolds on the grid of blocks, because everything is automated. Knowing that the game doesn't require any human input, everything comes down to pushing the Spin button or selecting a number of automatic spins. 

What this Mahjong 88 slot offers, compared to other mahjong editions, are the added details that have a role to play in the gameplay, such as the frog carrying the golden Chinese coins, and the cards and the season bonus. 

Anyone who wants to get into this game can do so by playing it at one of the online casinos. There is the option to claim a welcome bonus at one of the casinos on this page and play with a number of free spins or bonus money. So let’s get into it. 

How to Play Mahjong 88 Slot

The game begins with the press of the Play button, and it is located in the bottom right half of the screen. To the right of it is the Autospin button, which lets the players select a number of automatic spins plus the option to set a win or loss limit. And another button which may come in useful is the paytable, which displays all of the symbol wins and gameplay details. It can be accessed by tapping or clicking the 'i' button at the bottom of the page. 

As for the bets, Mahjong 88 offers a whole range of small and big bets. The smallest bet per spin is £0.10 but there are many such increments before arriving at the bet of £1.00. From there on, the players can choose so many bet amounts before hitting hte ultimate bet per spin of £100. That represents a high stakes action, but anyone will to, can choose the middle way and select bets that are between £10.00, £20.00 and £50.00. Whatever wager is selected, the game's top prize is 5000x. 

How to Win Mahjong 88 Slots

The game has several types of tiles. The first category is that which represents the numbers from one to six. The other category are the high-paying tiles and these represent four different flowers on each tile. Since the paytable of the Mahjong 88 slot is dynamic, the amounts of the win will change according to the selected bet per turn. If we use a £5.00 bet and look at The high paying symbols, the highest paying symbol will deliver a prize of 2500x if a cluster of 12 tiles of the purple flower fall on the grid. The red flower pays 1250x for 12 or more tiles. However, the players can land a smaller number of tiles and still get a decent pay, such as 1000x for 10 and 60x for 7 on the highest paying symbol. 

Mahjong 88 Bonus Features

One of the bonuses is related to the frog. Much alike the frog the spits out marbles in the Zuma slot, the Mahjong 88 frog absorbs the energy of each winning event occuring in a sequence. As the winnings become more frequent, the frog will absorb as many as 33 winning symbols. When that happens, a random bonus will be triggered, and there are four in total. In another outcome, the frog can charge with 88 symbols, and in that event the player gets a multiplier on the wins of x5. 

Mahjong 88 RTP

Even though not a slot, Mahjong 88 still has a return to player theoretical outcome. The Play N' Go experts have undergone a seriously strenuous time to work out the 64 squares on the grid, and with all of these probabilities, still come up with a Mahjong 88 RTP of 96.62% which is nearly an entire percent higher than the average.  

Mahjong 88 Mobile

Yes, it may seem a bit cluttered, but this edition of the Mahjong game has been optimized for mobile. Again, kudos to Play N' Go on their achievement, as it isn't easy to fit such a complex layout into a mobile telephone screen. On the other hand, those who run the game on a tablet will have a clearer view of the events taking place, however, worry not, no winning combination will be left out. 

Our Mahjong 88 Review

Overall, a solid rendition of a legendary game. Those who want to take a break from the slots ought to try something new, such as this, even if the game seems esoteric. The good part about it is, it works just like a grid-based slot game, of the sort of Fat Rabbit or Reactoons slot, but has a serious look and feel to it. 

To play Mahjong 88 you can start right here on this page by claiming a welcome offer to one of the casinos. 

Mahjong 88 demo
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Mahjong 88 free play
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Mahjong 88 slot
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