Can you guide Thor and his accomplices across the Rainbow Bridge? Defend Asgard, and discover untold riches in the process.

Thor The Mighty Avenger demo

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Thor The Mighty Avenger Slot Online

What We Say -There was a time when comic-books consisted of little more than humorous pictures, designed to tickle a few ribs. They were followed by exciting but undeveloped superheroes, before, today, turning into the morally complex quizzers that now inspire many a summer blockbuster. Thor is another in this later line, and its slot game has plenty of complexity to it. The Thor logos can work either as standard or as Stacked Wilds. More crucially, though, they can unlock bonus rounds where you get Re-Spins or, even, Free Spins. This depends on which reel the symbols come up.

That's only the beginning of it, though. When Heimdall fills the middle reel, you get access to special bonus games, where you spin lots of times until a triple Heimdall returns to that middle reel. The spins can go on for ages, amassing lots of points. This really breaks up the regularity of normal slots, and means you never quite know what's going to happen next. In fairness, this game can feel a little confusing at times, but it's an exciting experience. The graphics are fair, with pictures from the film filling the reels. For those who like their slots unpredictable and a little challenging, this is a great offering.

How to Win - Thor is the Wild, and substitutes for most other symbols. Wilds can be Stacked. Five Thors win a 5,000-coin Jackpot. If the Stacked Wild appears on the second reel, the Thunderstorm Re-Spin sees that Wild Reel remain in place while the others spin again. If the Wild is stacked on the fourth reel, though, the Free Spin Feature starts. The Heimdall symbols on the third reel start the Jutenheim and Earth Free Games, where you can get free spins and extra rewards.

*All Marvel slots have been removed from online casinos

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Thor The Mighty Avenger free play
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Thor The Mighty Avenger slot
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