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Slot 21 Slot Online

On Slot 21 you can play a slot machine and a game of Blackjack at the same time, for a chance to win a jackpot prize of 10,000. 

Slot 21 Blackjack Overview

A classical slot machine based on blackjack has arrived at online casinos, as the first game with that idea fora gameplay. There are plenty of classical and retro-looking slots that have been given life online, but inrealityjustfewof these could ever offera uniquegameplay that goes beyond the three reels that they usually have. With Slot 21 we havea Blackjack-themedgameplay and a number of details in the sign of the number 21. 

The players will discover three rows, five reels and (maybe you've guessed it), 21paylines. The lines are selectable and that leaves the players with the option to play on as few as possible, with wagers that can get low to the pennies. On the other hand, there is a total bet that boosts the sums of the potential winnings, so a balance has been struck by the this game's developers. Slot 21 plays like a slot game but it also comes with a game of Blackjack, which is triggered whenever the player gets the high cards that spell out the number 21. 

Since we’ve got the attention of the classical Las Vegas casino slots players and those who enjoy retro games, and Blackjack, we’ll go into the details that make this a great game to call a favorite. 

How to Play Slot 21

The game appears as a classical slots machine and this is exactly how it is set up for the play. The big buttons, the fruit symbols, the big-display above that relates to the part of the game where you play Blackjack - all of it reminds of a slot machine that one would find on the casino floor. That being said, setting up the wager requires fiddling around with the Line Down and Line Up buttons, as well as the Bet Down and Bet up buttons. 

The first set is located on the left side of the panel and there is a digital display that shows the number of selectedpaylines. The amount of the bet is set up by pushing the other set of buttons, which are centrally placed on the slot machine. The big red ink digital display shows the current wager. Speaking of which, the smallest available amount is just one penny per line and the biggest amount that one could play is £4.00. 

Therearethree morebuttonthatarerelevant in the Slot 21: 21 Slot, Collect Stop and Spin Card. The last one is basically the Spin button, while Slot 21 lights up when the 21 game is available to play.Collectstop is to collect the cash won during the bonus game. At any rate, getting familiar with the settings is easy - the players can experiment by pushing the buttons, save for the Spin, because that would unleash a bet which perhaps you didn’t wish to make. 

Slot 21 Design

The slot design is all about the retro vibe, but unlike retroslotsthere is a lot going on in terms of the number of the symbols and during the gameplay. For thesymbolsyou will find the stuff that used to make classical slots machines: cherries, grapes, the lucky number seven symbol, a jalapeno pepper on fire, a bell, the sign GOLDanda crown. 

These are the regular symbols of the game, but there arefewmore. There is a specialty symbol that is the Wild, represented by a jester's funny hat, and there is a scatter symbol represented by the wording ed and Black across the cards' suits. The high cards appear during the game and each onein sightwill be remembered for the Blackjack game. Once collected a combination that gets a 21, the Slot 21 bonus feature is initiated. 

How to Win Slot 21

There is the potential for winnings that can be made with the base symbols, as well as during the bonus feature games. The most valuable symbol is the Crown, as it pays 1000x for a string of five on apayline. What is really neat about Slot 21 is that the Wild substitutes for this symbol. The second most valuable symbol is Gold, paying 500x on the line bet. The rest of the symbols, at least the three that are next to the last three, don't offer negligible amounts themselves, but there is a jackpot available in the Slot 21 blackjack slot game, which can be triggered if the total bet is equal to or higher than £5. 

The Red and Black scatter symbol triggers a gamble bonus game at which the players can try to double the wager won at the last round. The game is a 50:50guessingthe right card color type of gig. If you've made enough hits that doubled your winnings and you think it's been enough, you can hit the Collect button and the game will end. 

To start your Slot 21 adventure you can claim a welcome bonus at one of the online casinos available right on this page. 


Slot 21  demo
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Slot 21  slot
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