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Tailgate Blitz Slot Online

Experience the thrill of tailgating your favorite American football theme on the Tailgate Blitz slot, and its jackpot prize of 5000 multiplied by the line bet. 

Tailgate Blitz Overview

The word tailgate could mean one of two things. First, it means that someone is driving too close to another car's bumper, thus causing a precarious situation on the road, but ofcoursethis sense of the word isn't what we are looking for. The other meaning pertains to something that is a lot of fun, but the word tailgating may be only familiar to people in the United States. and this is where the Tailgate Blitz slot is happening. 

Tailgating is all the rage before NFL games. These parties take place on the parking lots outside stadiums, where fans of the home team gather to celebrate their passion for the team, to talk about previous games, and to make barbecue and sip on drinks. The Tailgate Blitz slotsisexactly that idea turned into a slot game. The players will find a hefty jackpot of 5000 coins, 20paylinesanda mediumvolatility with a theoretical Return to Player outcome of 96.00%. 

The fixedpaylinesand the wild/scatter symbols suffice for a decent experience on this slot game, however, the player's aren't going to find a free spins bonus feature, which is just fine, as free spins can be claimed at the casinos on this page towards the goal of finding Tailgate Blitz and checking out the game for one’s one valuation. 

How to Play Tailgate Blitz Slot

Even though this is a brandnow(2019) modern slot game, the developers at Wager Gaming Technology have opted for a moreclassicallook and gameplay. This is especially relevant regarding the lines, as many developers today choose to keep the lines fixed. In Tailgate Blitz the lines are 20 but they could be dropped to a single one. So if the player chooses to make this a penny game, that is perfectly possible with a penny on the line. 

Speaking of the bet, the Bet/Lines setting underneath the reel-set is where the players can set their bet per each activepayline. We said how a basic one pennyonlinelinebet equals one penny for the spin, and by the same logic the players can find out the other bets. Tailgate Blitz has a maximum bet per line of £5, which results in the maximum bet of £100 per spin. Of course, there are many sums in-between the two margins of one penny and £100 for all lines fired up on the highest bet, so that the players can choose what works best for them. 

There arecoupleof other settings in the game that could be used by desire. One is the autoplay, which allows the players to affix a specified number of automatic spins. The second option does not pertain to the gameplay but it informs the player about details of it. This is the paytable, located in the bottom left corner, where is a question mark symbol plastered on the pigskin controls board. And this is where all of the potentials for fun are unleashed with the push of the spin button, located in the bottom right corner. 

Tailgate Blitz Design

As for the game design, there are plenty of details that are going to be familiar to anyone who has seen an NFL game with the pregame show, where the cameras always get a glimpse of the tailgating crowd outside the stadium. The game's logo itself lets you know what this is all about. Tailgate Blitz is flanked by a barbecue fork and a spatula from both sides, and the background to the reel set is a photo of spectators inthe theirseats at the stadium. 

One halfof the symbols are backed by grass. These are represented by the high cards starting from nine and ending with the ace. The symbols are shaped like pieces of meat that have been freshly grilled on the barbecue, with the grill marks showing and all. This is the lower-valued symbol category. 

The other category consists of a grill that has been set on fire and thereisa hamburger, a hotdog and a football on top. We don't know about the bit with the football, it seems risky to say the least, but hey, it's a Tailgate Blitz party! The other symbols are some brewskies chilling in a case of ice, a dude-bro in a hat and another one just scoping out all the action. There is the game's logo and the scatter in there too. 

How to Win Tailgate Blitz Slots

The game has two symbols of a rather superb value - that is the two bros, where one pays 1000 and the other 2500 coins times the line bet when five matching symbols land on a line. The best part about Tailgate Blitz slots is that the Wild symbol substitutes for either, so the winning wallop could be delivered with four matching symbols. 

Speaking of the wild, it is the game's most valuable symbol. If five land on the reels, the jackpot prize of 5000 coins will be paid out times the line bet. There is then the Scatter symbol which is a dollar sign. It doesn't pay much but when in sight, the prizes are multiplied by the total bet and in addition to line prizes. 

To experience the thrill of tailgating, make some turns on Tailgate Blitz. The adventure can start with claiming the welcome bonus to one of the casinos, right from this page. 

Tailgate Blitz demo
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Tailgate Blitz free play
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Tailgate Blitz slot
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