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Online slots have become a major entertainer for most of the people, as the games offer fantastic fun times as well as a chance for you to fill your pockets with some of the extravagant prizes that the gaming companies are offering. With a little investment, you can end up with a big winning, and that’s the most exciting thing about the slots.

History of Slots and How They Became Online

The slots have not always been an online game. They started with land-based machines that have only one payline and three reels, offering bubble gums and lolly pops as prizes at the beginning. Slowly they moved to cash prizes, and as time passed by, they were getting better and better. With more symbols, increased paylines and bigger and better range of the wager, the slot games were becoming a big hit. In the beginning, there had to be a human being operating the machines and delivering the cash, and that’s what the game developers wanted to change, so they made the electronic land-based slot machines, where you would insert the coin and the machine automatically paid the exact prize.

This is where the revolution of slots happened, and the slots’ wagers and prizes had a huge leap. It didn’t take much for the sites to become online, and this is where the slots become what they are now. With many paylines, interesting and unique symbols as well as bonuses that you can only dream about. If you haven’t checked the slot games yet, do it now – and we have the perfect sites for you to start with!

Online Video Slots Sites

There are plenty of online sites for you to play slots at. We have a list of some of the sites that promote themselves with fantastic welcome bonuses that will most definitely help you and facilitate your goal of getting the best rewards you can have.

Paddy Power Casino

Created in 1988, Paddy Power started off as a land-based casino with all of the slots and table games, as well as sports, betting available.  They quickly took the online course as well, offering some of the best online sites for you to play at. The sites offer a plethora of online video slot games, where you can start your adventure by selecting some of the many slots available. With welcome bonuses, free spins, and other promotions, they rank among the finest online gambling sites.

Betfair Casino

The Betfair Casino offers a nice online support that will facilitate your needs and with the constant new promotions, they tend to keep their player base happy and updated all the time. All of the new slots that are being developed by some of the greatest software developing companies can be found on their site, therefore you don’t have to go and search through the internet for sites to play your favourite game at.

Find your favourite games at Slotswise and follow the links to the best sites and their promotions. Best of Luck!