Double Bubble Slot Game


Double Bubble REVIEW

Introducing Double Bubble, the multiline slots game that gives players of all pocket sizes a chance to win big! This vibrant and colourful game is popular for good reason, presenting players with plenty of ways to win, keeping excitement levels high throughout. Better yet, this five-reel, 20 payline game gives players plenty of opportunities to win big when spinning on with Double Bubble slots!


What Are Multiline Slots?

As the name suggests, multi-line slots have more than one payout line, consequently giving you, as a player, a chance to wager across various lines on one spin.

But why does this matter to you? Well, by playing across more than one line, you’re given more opportunities to find matching symbols, which as you’ll already know, is the aim of game when playing online slots. So, our Double Bubble tips include betting across various lines in order to maximise your chances of winning, whether you're playing with small or large coin sizes.

Being a multiline slots game, there are of course things to consider when playing Double Bubble. If you choose to wager across more than one line, your bet amount, or coin size, will be multiplied by the amount of lines you’re playing on. So, if you’re wagering with a 50p coin size on ten lines, your total spend on that spin will be £5 for this slot game! This is useful to remember before you press spin and potentially spend more than you wanted to!


A Game For All Budgets

As well as the option to bet across multiple lines when playing this Double Bubble slot game, players are also provided with a vast choice of coin sizes. Ranging from 1p to £10, the coin sizes in this game really do suit slots players of all levels, and of course budgets.

Better yet, no matter what size coin you’re wagering with, you still have the opportunity to win big cash; if you manage to get your hands on the highest payout in the game, you’ll receive 20,000x your coin size! So, even if you’re wagering with a coin size of 1p, the maximum Double Bubble payout could win you £200. That seems pretty good to us!

Remember, all winnings when playing Double Bubble, and slots generally, are based on a multiplier of your original bet size, so to win more after one spin, you'll need to wager more!


Getting Started

When you launch the game, you'll notice that this slot has some great illustrations and graphics, including the bubbly background, area surrounding the reels and of course the symbols themselves! 

We're not exactly sure what the relationship between fruit and bubbles is but you can land grapes, cherries, plums, oranges and more in order to make some winning combinations when playing this slot, so there must be one!

If you're wondering ‘where can I play Double Bubble slots?’, we’ve got it covered too. You can play Double Bubble on various Gamesys sites, including those focused on slots, but also plenty of bingo sites with an abundance of slot games on offer!

Now that you know where to find the Double Bubble slot game, you can start playing. After choosing the coin size that you want to play with, the next step is deciding how many payline that you'll be playing across. You can choose between one and 20, with the latter being the maximum available. Selecting the amount of paylines to play across can be done in the three following ways:

  • Click ‘BET ONE’ - this will add another line, and if you click past the maximum, it will reset your choice to one line.
  • Click on the coloured numbers - these are to the side of the reels.
  • Click  ‘BET MAX’ - this will select all 20 lines, the maximum amount and the reels will start spinning automatically.

If you don’t choose ‘BET MAX’, you can get the game started by pressing ‘SPIN’, after selecting the amount of lines you’d like to wager on.


How To Win 

So, now you know that Double Bubble can suit your budget, whatever that may be, it’s probably time that you found out about the fun and important stuff - how to win!

As already mentioned, betting on a higher amount of lines increases your chances of winning. It’s also important to note that your payouts on the Double Bubble slot will be based on multiples of your coin size. 

Any symbols that appear inside of a bubble after the reels have spun will be placed in the second win area along the Bubble Line. If a winning combination is made in this second area, it is then multiplied by the number of lines you wagered across.

If the Double Bubble symbol appears throughout the game, it acts as the wild symbol and can be substituted for any other to form a winning combination. Landing 5 wild symbols on one payline will trigger this slot game's maximum payout.

Double Bubble also features an extra gaming addition, the Bubble Bonus game. This bonus round of Double Bubble slot will be initiated if three bonus symbols appear anywhere across reels 1, 3 and 5. When this round is active, players will be presented with three bubbles and asked to pop one of them for the chance to win a cash prize. If the chosen bubble features a random coin multiplier, that's what players will win!


What We Say

We think Double Bubble is an excellent slot for players of all levels. With its bright pink design and various fruit symbols, we’d say that it’s a good place to get your 5 a day, or big cash wins for that matter.

This Gamesys slot is increasingly popular and since its launch in January, it’s paid out more than £1.8 million in wins, whilst being triggered on average every 1.6 days. With this slot game’s Return to Player (RTP) standing at around 96.02%, the stats don’t appear to lie. The various coin sizes and paylines seem to accommodate all types of slots players, so the game gets a thumbs up from us!