One of the oldest and definitely the slot provider that created some of the most amazing content in the online slots casino is NetEnt. These guys are one of the most creative when it comes to a slot and casino games, and in this article, we will speak about NetEnt Baccarat and everything connected to that game, but first, a word or two about the company itself.


Definitely, a name that you’ve heard before if you are a slots lover and you are probably aware of their awesome games and content they are producing. The guys are established in 1996 and emerged as one of the largest and most profound names in the software and online casino industry. This international company is based in Sweden but because of the rules and regulations across the borders, they have their headquarters in Malta.

They begun as a land-based casino and quickly spread across the online platform after realising where all the people are. They decided to offer a flash casino, meaning people don’t need to download anything if they want to play their games and what’s even more attractive is that they are offering some of the lowest limits to what people can play their games with.

NetEnt Games

Some of the most awesome games that you’ve probably played are developed by NetEnt, and it’s fair to say that their slots are the strong side. The slots have unique bonus features which most of them will take you to a next screen where you will play additional mini-games, they have a lovely design that can’t be compared to other providers, and they tend to have a lot of prizes in their pools.

The casino games are not neglected as there are tons of games included from that sector. You can find Baccarat, Bingo, Blackjack, Double Jack, Pontoon, Bonus Keno and tons of other games offering the best Return to players and perfect options for playing.

In this article, we will stick to NetEnt Baccarat Proand everything related to that.

NetEnt Baccarat Pro

There are two versions of baccarat, one just called "baccarat Pro" and the other "Punto Banco." The only difference is Pro uses eight decks and Punto Banco uses six.

Because of the different number of decks, there is a slight difference in the odds of this game, but it’s close to 0.2% which makes it almost unnoticeable.

In six decks, the banker has 1.0558% odds while the player has 1.2374%. For the tie, it’s 14.4382%

On the other hand, in eight decks, the banker has 1.0579% while the player has 1.2351%. For the tie, there is a similar percentage of 14.3596%.

Take a look at the table games that NetEnt can offer, as we are pretty sure you will enjoy all of them.

Make sure to check the baccarat if you are fun of that and leave us a comment with your opinion in the comments below.