NetEnt is a prime developer of table casino games. Working out of Sweden, this outfit has delivered hundreds of online slots and classical casino, including roulette, poker, blackjack, Texasholdem, baccarat and different variations of these games as well. The edge that is visible in the design is what captivates the players' interest. NetEntarerenowned for making table games that play as if they are in a real casino setting. That being said, this company is one of the few that is responsible for raising the online casino gaming phenomenon to the level that it has reached today. 

European vs American Roulette

NetEnt is presenting both versions of the favorite casino game and it is important to state the difference between the two. It is a minor difference that has implication in the oddsinthe end of ends. The American version of roulette has 38 fields compared to the European/French roulette with one field less. Unlike the American version of the game, the European does not have the double zero field, but that doesn't the odds even a little bit. 

The odds for betting on 00 will be 35/1 and that is the same odds if you would bet on the 0fieldon European roulette. So when you bet on the American roulette, placing the bet either on 0 or 00 will bring a potential odds of 35/1. If you do a row bet and the ball falls on either of these two fields, the claim will be 17/1. The conclusion is, European roulette has slightly better odds than its American counterpart.

Placing Bets on European Roulette

Roulette is a popular game that gives you so many options to play. Unlike near all the other casino games are quite limited in that regard, but then they have a gameplay style of their own. NetEnt European Roulette as well as the American version both come with various combinations that you can claim on the table. 

The bets are divided on Inside and Outside bets. In the first category you can bek Split bets or Cheval, Straight Up bets, Street bet, Five bet, Corner bet and Line bet.

In the Outside betscategoryyou can do a Column, Color, Dozen, Odd/Even and Low/High. Most of these are straightforward to understand. Betting on an odd or evennumbersgives you a payout of 1/1. You can make the Dozen bet by placing the chip on the outside fields that cluster the fields in three dozens.

Play NetEnt European Roulette

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