Play one of the most entertaining casino games in the world, on the NetEnt French Roulette version. The slots experts and also casino game experts who have made a dazzling version of the classic game that gives “The Wheel of Fortune” its true meaning. 

NetEnt Frech Roulette Overview

The casino game that has become widely popular all around the world, whose name means "little wheel," is Roulette. There isnicknamefor roulette and it is one sounds a little bit off-putting - as it is also called The Devil's Game for a very bizarre reason: when you add up all the numbers on the wheel the result that you get is - did you guess it? - 666. 

But there is nothing ominous about roulette. Be it the American of the FrenchRoulette ,it is the same old casino game in which you place a bet on one or more of the numbers on the table, or on a group of numbers, and the croupier sets the wheel spinning. Roulette is fun to play because there are many winning odds, but not infinite in number. 

In thisreviewwe will present details about the original version of this game, the French Roulette. 

How to Play NetEnt French Roulette

There are two components of the game and these are the wheel and the board. The wheel is where all the magic occurs, while the board is where you place the bets, and there is more than one way in which you can do that.

The board consists of three rows of 12 fields.Basicallythese contain all of the numbers that are found on the roulette wheel. The numbers start at zero and go up to 36. This is where you will find the main and if not the only difference between the French roulette, which is also called European, and the American version of roulette. The French version has a single zero, while the American has the zero field as well as the double zero. So the NetEnt French Roulette version also has a single zero.

Inside and Outside Bets

When it comes to the bets, there are two types, inside and outside bets. The first category involves bets that you can place within the grid on the table and that covers all of the individual numbers, both odds and evens. Therefore you can place a bet on any two numbers that are next to each other and split the odds; you can place a Straight Up bet which is pretty much betting on any number on the grid; a Street Bet includes three numbers in a row such as 5, 6, 7; and so on.

The category of outside bets is on the outside of the betting table and covers a number of options such as betting on the color, playing on the first, second or third dozen numbers, playing the low or high bet and so on. 
Concluding Remarks

NetEntareknown for paying so much attention to detail. Their approach to developing casino games ishands-onexperience for the players. To find out how it feels playing the NetEnt French Roulette start right here. 

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