Net Entertainment is one of the best suppliers for casino games, slots and software that helps the online casinos function as they are, and there is a particular reason for that. This Swedish based company had a goal from the very start, and that goal is to reach and stay on the very top of the food chain in the casino industry.

So far so good, their slots are perfect and we’ve touched a bit of their history and how they function, but now it’s time to reach and review one of their table games, whose name is Let It Ride.  It’s quite an interesting concept which definitely will grab your attention and will make you want to stay and play the game for hours.

The goal of Let It Ride poker is to build one good hand from the 3 cards dealt with you and the 2 cards dealt with the dealer. Unlike the other table games with a similar story that pays out for a lot less, this games’ payouts start with Tens or Better, which will probably create a doubt in your mind, but you may end up with better results at the end of the day.

If you are eager to start playing this game by NetEnt Let It Ride, you have to bet three equal bets in the three circles on the table. After that happens, every player on the board gets three cards to face up and there are two cards faced down.

Based on the cards you have in your hand and the NetEnt Let it Ride online poker pay table, it will determine your payout is on a minimum hand of Tens or better; It is your decision whether to let your bet ride or pull one of the bets back and increase your chances.

If you happen to have a pair of 10's or better in the three cards that the dealer deals to you, you let it ride because, most probably, it's a winning hand. The dealer then reveals one of their cards and you have the choice again to let it ride or pull one bet back before the final card that is faced down is turned. This is similar to Texas Hold’em poker where card by card the ones on the table are being flipped, only here you are playing with fewer cards, which explains the payouts of NetEnt Let It Ride.

If all 5 cards carry a combination of 10's or better in Let it Ride poker, you win and are paid according to the published pay table.

Make sure you select a casino on the right-hand side and see the welcome bonus. You need to make a deposit to get the welcome bonus, but that’s the only way to play the NetEnt Let It Ride game anyways.