NetEnt is a leading provider of premium gaming solutions in the online gambling community. They have pioneered in driving the market with highly entertaining games powered by their cutting-edge platform, and NetEnt Oasis Poker is only one example. Their goal is delivering flexible digital casino products, thus building a loyal and satisfied player database.


The software’s diverse portfolio is rich with iconic titles and beloved homegrown characters, including Dracula™, The Invisible Man™, Gonzo’s Quest™, Starburst™, and many more. Thanks to the superior graphics, sound and mathematics, NetEnt is a pearl of every fortunate casino.

At NetEnt, you’ll not only find all casino games in their free ‘Fun Play’ version, but all the titles will also come with a comprehensive game tutorial, complete with an explanation of their specific special game features. 

Progressive Jackpots

Online casino players do not just enjoy the interesting stories of the slots, but also appreciate good wins. In addition to generous jackpots, the company offers many attractive and exciting bonuses in each game. Their jackpots are linked to all casinos which makes them grow pretty fast, since a percentage of every wager is added to the jackpot pool. In 2011, a 20-year old student from Norway won a €11.7m jackpot in a Mega Fortune game.


Poker is among the most played card games worldwide, immensely popular among millions of enthusiasts. As poker is actually a ‘family’ of card games with several different variations, the rules can differ. However, betting is involved in all poker games and the player with the highest valued poker hand wins a game round.

Oasis Poker

With NetEnt Oasis Poker, the dealer will need to have an Ace and a King or higher to qualify, which ensures that the player has more chances of winning. The game is played with a single deck of cards and if players wish to swap cards, they will have to pay an additional amount to the casino. NetEnt Oasis Poker rewards payouts on standard poker hands and will mostly appeal to low or mid rollers.

How To Play Oasis Poker

Before the start of the game, you place an ante bet. Then the dealer gives you five cards all face-up. He also deals himself five cards, four of which are face-down and one is face-up. The player then decides whether to fold and lose the ante bet or to continue playing and exchange card(s) and ultimately, fold or call. 

How To Win Oasis Poker

These are the most useful tips: never split a pair or a set; never discard more than one card; and after making the exchange, continue with a pair or higher, fold all weak hands with A-K.


If you decide to play online poker, NetEnt is the best choice because you have an option to try all games for free. Of course, the majority of their casinos offer the complete Professional Series suite, including all three versions of Oasis Poker.

Give this thrilling game a try at NetEnt, and see if there’s a royal flush waiting for you!