Launched in 2011, the NetEnt Texas Holdem platform went straight into the top poker platforms that are sourced by some of the best casinos in the online casino world. Lots of superlatives thrown around here, but all in the right sense because everyone knows NetEnt have a knack for producing spectacular online slots and casino games.

To be sure that all of the players' preferences are satisfied, NetEnt have worked hard to provide a wide variety of online casino. Among those is the player's favorite NetEnt Texas Holdem, which comes in a rich setting that simulates a real land-based casino table, fully equipped with a green baize surface on top of which the magic happens. 

Play NetEnt Texas Holdem

How you play the game is the same as you would play at a real Texas Holdem game. Playing the NetEnt Texas Holdem is the best way to practice if you are a novice in this. One of the variants allows you to play a low-stakes game, where the bets are really low. The NetEnt Texas Holdem pro series allows both high and low stakes, so you could choose what to play as you progress in skill, or simply once you have understood the order of events in a Holdem game.

Learn NetEnt Texas Holdem Game Rules

Some of the game's rules to be considered before you start on your NetEnt Texas Holdem adventure. The game starts with placing the ante. This is the first bet that is laid on the table before the initial two cards are delivered. Once that occurs you will get an inkling of a hint about what kind of game you may be in for. If you have a high card or you start with two of the same suits or two of the same cards, you may consider raising the bet rather than checking. If you have been dealt a terrible hand then you may even fold, however, checking will enable you to see what's going to be on the flop. Who knows, you may be in for a turn of fortunes?! Next action in the process is to raise the bet, call it if the opponent raises it, or fold. 

Automated Game

If you are a novice and all these instructions seem to confuse you, worry not! The NetEnt Texas Holdem poker game is so intuitive besides it being automated, that you can play even without having any experience playing the game. Here is what is important to know. You must know when not to make bets that don't make any sense. This is a game of chance, but it is also one that involves some skill. If you start with a pair, then you have a secured winning.

Whether your combination will be better than the opponent's depends on you too. Here is how. Say you have two jacks and there is another jack on the flop - now you know that there is no way that the opponent has a combination of matching jacks and you have three of a kind. Unless he has three queens, kings or aces, you are better than him, and of course, as long as he doesn't have a royal flush. 

Being automated to the fullest, all that you have to do in this game is make smart decisions. So come along and play NetEnt Texas Holdem by claiming your Welcome Bonus from a number of top online casinos.