NetEnt is one of the best software providers in the online gaming industry. Some of the most popular games that operate on NetEnt are Starburst slot, Twin Spin, Jackpot 6000, Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune, Jack and the Beanstalk, Divine Fortunes, South Park, Vegas Party and many more, the list is endless.

This software platform offers simple rules and fun games. However, sometimes it can be a bit confusing about the meaning of the coin value and the bet level. And if you had any questions about these two terms, we are here to help you out. We've created a guide to NetEnt slots' level that will help you in your gaming journey.


Starburst Coin Value

The coin value is located at the bottom of the screen underneath the reels on the right side of the screen. The value of the coin depends on the number of coins that you have selected for a certain game, for example, Starburst slot. During the game, you can find the amount of the coins that you are left with, which can help you in calculating the remaining amount of spins.


Keep in mind that if you change the coin value, the money that is available in your balance will remain in correlation with the coin value. You can find the value of the balance, at the top left corner of the screen. So, if you are playing Starburst slot and your balance is £10 and you choose the 0.01 coin value, the total balance of the game will be 1000. But, if you change the coin value to 0.02, the number of coins will be 500.


Also, it is important not to confuse the coin value with the cash value. For instance, if the box for coin balance, shows that you have 1000, it means that you have 1000 coins and not £1000. If the coin value for a certain slot is 0.01, and you get a win of 1000 coins, it actually means that you have won £10.


A Guide to NetEnt Slots' Levels


NetEnt Slots Levels

We continue our guide to NetEnt slots' levels with more helpful details. Now, that everything is clear about the meaning of the coin value, we can continue to the Net Entertainment slots levels. Many people find the game level, the most difficult to understand. In simple words the level allows you to be more free in personalizing your bet. So, instead of the regular 0.01 cent, 0.02 cents, 0.05 cents, 0.10 cents, 0.20 cents, 0.50 cents or £1 bets per line, you can have more options and choose an amount that is most suitable for you.


NetEnt has a total of 10 levels. For example, if there are 10 lines, the coin value is 0.01 and the level is 1, this means that you will wager 10 coins per spin at 0.01 per coin with a total of 10p per spin. Another example, if the coin value is 0.02 and the level is 2, this means that you will wager 20 coins per spin at 0.02 per coin with a total of 20p per spin. Furthermore, If the coin value is 0.03 and the level is 3, this means that you will wager 30 coins per spin at 0.03 per coin with a total of 30p per spin. This goes on up to the level 10.

Now that you have these details make sure to give this game a try. Click on one of the casino sites on the right side of this page and have fun!