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Starburst Slot Overview

Enter the Starburst slot universe and play one of the most popular online slots in the world of online casinos. There are many reasons why this game has stood the test of time and become a favorite to thousands of players around the world. Even though it is not a progressive jackpot slot and doesn't include bonus games besides the standard bonuses gameplay, this is still a very fun-to-play game. The Starburst slot big win is one of the reasons why players line up to play, as there are few details that help make the winnings count for something more. 

How to Play Starburst 

Who knows, it could happen that Net Entertainment will one day decide to make a progressive jackpot of the Starburst slot. If that ever happens, it will become the most played game by a wide margin and all the other online slots will serve as fillers. Let's wait and see, because in the meantime, this title will continue to rule. We have a number of slots sites with Starburst that point you in the right direction where you can play the game and enjoy its stellar gameplay. At any rate, there is a huge prize in the shape of Starburst jackpot, which is a regular in-game jackpot that delivers 50,000 coins times the winning wager.

How to Win Starburst Slot

In terms of gameplay features, Starburst has five rows and three reels. Being a standard grid, it could have been a game with 25 paylines or more, but the slots experts at Net Entertainment have opted for just ten. The reason being is, Starburst slot big win can occur at any time and not just left to right, which is the usual direction of the paylines in the overwhelming majority of online and land-based casino slots. No the case with Starburst. Here we have winning paylines that can occur both ways - left to right and right to left. 

Starburst Slot Big Win

Pair this feature with the block symbol gig, and you'll get huge blocks that cover the entire reel, two or three row wide, which link up with adjacent symbols to create mighty and mightier winning combinations. Additionally, the renowned Starburst wild symbol, the one that gives this game its name and the recognizable logo, forms walls when it becomes an expanding Wild. Thus it can create three reels full of wilds which are bound to create swell payouts.  This is not the only feature that the game has, but we shouldn't reveal too much and leave it up to the players to discover the stuff that makes an extraordinary game which delivers the Starburst slot big win of 50,000 times the winning wager.

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