Playing one of the most innovative online slot video games can be adventurous and fun. You can learn many new things, grab some of the most whopping wins that are available, and have a really good time.

On the other hand, there are several mistakes that you can do that will definitely make your day one of the worst ones, and lose your interest in the slot games overall.

In this article, we will talk about the tips and tricks that are related to Starburst slot, one of the most played online slot games, developed by the prestigious Net Entertainment Software. We will talk about the game overall, what you can do to avoid the mistakes that most of the slot players are making, and how to enhance your gameplay and the overall experience of the game. Check Our Starburst Top Tips below

Starburst Slot


Starburst Slot

If you are interested in a slot game that will most certainly keep you satisfied and on your toes, Starburst slot is the one for you. With the interesting design and ever-satisfying symbols, there is no doubt that you will return to the reels again and again, and it might be because of the gameplay, but also because of the wins that will fill your pocket.

The five-reeled slot game offers 10 fixed paylines, and on first glance when you see that the game has no bonus features it might seem like a cloud appeared over your head, but we advise you to hold your horses. Starburst slot has an interesting unique feature that awards when the symbols are aligned in geometrical shapes, therefore don’t be surprised if you receive a payout and there is not a winning combination on the paylines – it’s because the same symbols have managed to create a triangle or a rectangle. To see more about the game an everything it offers read our review Here, as we will focus on our tips and tricks below.

Our Starburst Top Tips

As every online slot game has its unique features, so does the Net Ent’s best game Starburst. We have several tips and tricks that are ready for you, and while some of them can relate to Starburst as a game, others will be general tips for all slot games, so check them out below.

The “Max Bet” feature is available to set the max denomination, coin value and activate all the paylines that are available in the game, an in Starburst, there are 10. Try to avoid this feature if are here for fun or you have only a small amount of cash to play with, as this is a feature for the ones that are in the game for the big money but have big money to invest as well.

Try to play a demo version of Starburst before going for the real game, simply to get hold of the symbols and the interesting base game bonus that it has.

Last but not least is to always read the review before going in the game, as the general tips are inside the review of a player that has already spend time on those reels.

Choose a Casino, make sure you deposit so that you will be eligible for the welcome bonus, and you are ready to go!