Net Entertainment (NetEnt) is among the first companies that started the trend of online slots playing that continue to operate to the present day. The history of Net Entertainment is rich and it's no surprise that nowadays this is one of the most reputable software prioviders. Since its beginnings, it has provided some of the most innovative and high-quality online video slots and poker games on the market that have caught the eyes of slots players with their exciting bonus features and extra additions. They keep modernising their online slot releases to try and keep up with the demands of their players for online slots with great possibilities of winning awesome prizes. Moreover, the Net Entertainment (NetEnt) Jackpot Network offers wins that amount to as much as millions. With offices in Sweden and Malta, it has achieved worldwide success with constant progress in the prices of its shares.


The History Of Net Entertainment

The Beginnings of Net Entertainment

Let's get into more details about the history of Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment (NetEnt) is, without doubt, one of the best and most popular video slots developers in the online slots gambling industry. Technically, it was founded in 1996, but it has a history and roots in traditional casinos that goes back almost 50 years. Its roots go back to the 1970s when Cherryföretagen, a famous traditional casino in Scandinavia, had to make modifications in their business and restructure it as an entirely new organization. This was due to the fact that classic slot machines were banned on the grounds of changed regulations and rules.


In 1984, Cherryföretagen acquired a large number of Swedish casino companies, as well as their shares. In the period from 1986 to 1991, it reached success in providing traditional slot machines to numerous casinos throughout East Europe. However, this success was short-lived because in 1992 an order came to stop all operations in those countries.

With the introduction of the world wide web, the founder of Net Entertainment (NetEnt), Pontus Lindwall, had an idea of starting online slots casinos, and reap the benefits of the new technology. Although, in the beginning, most people didn’t have a personal computer, the situation was rapidly changing for the better. At that time, the internet was not thought of as a powerful communication tool and this was the reason why in 1996 Cherryföretagen was transformed into Net Entertainment (NetEnt) with great success.

Net Entertainment (NetEnt) was started when its founder Pontus Lindwall has succeeded in convincing one of the most successful venture companies at that time in Europe - Cherry and Kinnevik, to invest their money in the new online slots gambling company. The amount of their investment was about €8.5 million, which resulted in the success of the company which became a pioneer in the field of online slots gambling. The successful history of Net Entertainment continues to present day with some of the best online slots games on the market today emerging from their studios.

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