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GECO UK is the product of two highly successful providers, Wagermill Ltd and TGL when they merged in July 2014

Geco Group Games

Around since only 2014, the GECO GAMING outfit has come up with several online slots that count for something. The company may have a nice path in front of it if they continue dishing out quality games such as the ones that have been noticed by both players and industry heads. But when you consider their origins this company is actually not that inexperienced, if we could ever call it that. Geco Gaming is a merger of two companies who've had a presence in the world of slots and online casinos. We are talking about the Wagermill (which may ring a bell with some) and the less known, The Gaming Lab.

The Distinguishing Mark

The thing to brag about is called RGS or the Remote Gambling Server. This invention gives the small slots developers a ground on which to build their creations. This is basically a collaborative zone for programmers and industry experts who wish to share-in their knowledge and cover each other's blind spots. A smart concept nevertheless, but we shall see how it will continue to develop, since it's had a very good start with so many solid outfits participating in the process of game development. 

Geco Gaming Slots

The outfit has developed close to two dozen slots and we have selected some that have been noted, and that some of the online casinos have retained on their roster of slots.

Mystic Gems 

This Arabian-themed slot features a belly dancer who's hiding in-between the reels until you score the right winning combination. The game fuses card and picture symbols, all of which are beautifully drawn and rendered. You will find some cool features in the graphics design, the bonus features and the overall look and feel of this game. The mystic gem is a symbol that radiates with red light and beautiful animated sparkles. This is true for the white diamond too. The comely dancer is the game's scatter symbol and grands as many as 24 free spins for landing five on the reels.

Nauticus Slot

We have a nicely designed slot game with some extra features. The Nauticus is a submarine-themed game with five reels, three rows and 20 paylines which you can push down all the way to one. The symbols are nautical in nature, including the cards symbols jack, queen, king and ace. The reel set is flanked by two measuring units that fill up with blue and green liquid. One is the Bonus and the other the Free Spins gauge. When they fill up all the way you get either or both. 

Scatter Brains Slot

Geco Gaming put out a slot with a comical theme about a city whose residents are becoming scatterbrains because of an invading megamind. The brain is the wild symbol and the rest is a cast of characters that appear on the reels and are somehow involved with the story. There are five reels and three rows to play on with all 30 paylines active.

To discover more about Geco Gaming and their slots, check out our online casinos and look for these titles and others under their banner.

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