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Cleopatra Slots REVIEW

This slot game takes you back to ancient Egypt to spin the Egyptian artefact-clad reels on IGT's popular release. Start spinning on the five-reel, 20 payline game Cleopatra, with the Egyptian ruler never too far away on this slots adventure.


Ancient mythology is a prominent theme throughout the slots scene, with Roman, Greek and even Norse figures making regular appearances. Egyptian history is no different, often being the focus of many slots. Cleopatra, one of the most famous Egyptian rulers ever, of course, has an important role to play in the majority of the Egyptian-themed slot games!

Released in 2006, this Cleopatra slot game paved the way for five-reel slots and is a bit of a classic. Whilst the design and symbols are on-theme, colourful and well-drawn, they're perhaps not as crisp as some of those featured on more recently released slots.

That being said, Cleopatra still looks great and the symbols, aside from the playing card numbers and letters, include typically Egyptian Eye of Horus, a scarab beetle and other Egyptian artefacts. Even the playing card symbols are drawn with this Egyptian slot's theme in mind. 

This slot game's wild symbol is Cleopatra herself, whilst the Sphinx is the scatter symbol, capable of triggering the bonus feature and offering an impressive 100x your stake. 

Aside from the symbols, the area surrounding the reels have also been designed with the Egyptian theme in mind. The regal golden columns are covered in hieroglyphics and jewel-like decorations.

How To Play

Starting your Egyptian slots gaming experience couldn't be easier on Cleopatra. Below the reels are buttons for you to select how many of the 20 paylines you'd like to play across, as well as the amount you'd like to bet on each line. You can of course wager across as many of the 20 paylines you'd like to, and coin sizes range between 1p and £12.50. 

It's worth bearing in mind that on Cleopatra, and all multiline slots, your coin size or amount will be multiplied by a number of lines you choose to wager across. So, even if the coin size you choose is just 1p, but you play on all 20 paylines, your total stake for one spin will be 20p. It's as simple as that.

Although you can select your payline amount and coin size manually, there is also the option to click 'Max Bet', meaning you'll spin on this slot with the highest stake amount possible - a whopping £250! 

Cleopatra is a slot game that has the ability to attract players of all budgets, with the option to spin from as little as 1p and as much as £250!

How To Win

When you land combinations of three or more symbols, going from left to right on the reels, you'll be rewarded with the relevant amount. However, some of the symbols, including the Cleopatra wild, a payout for combinations of just two!

The Cleopatra wild also pays out 10,000x the stake amount if five are landed across all of the reels. This is the slot's most valuable symbol, as expected when bearing in mind the game's name!

Aside from the Sphinx scatter symbol triggering the bonus feature, it also gives players the chance to win 100x the total stake, if five are landed on the reels.

Cleopatra Slot Bonus Features

Like we always say, slots with free spins are good slots for us! Cleopatra is no different, offering players the chance to win free spins by landing three or more of the Sphinx scatter symbols. The free spins feature will then be triggered. 

Every prize that you win during this feature will be tripled and landing three or more scatter symbols whilst playing this feature will mean getting your hands on another 15 free spins! Sadly, you can only get your hands on a maximum of 180 in total, but that seems like a pretty good number to us!

There's also a progressive jackpot variation of this Cleopatra slot game, and landing five Mega Jackpot symbols will win you some serious cash, so that's something to look out for!

Our Cleopatra Slot Tips

If you happen to play the progressive jackpot version of this popular slot, we'd recommend playing with a larger stake. This gives you a better chance of getting your hands on the life-changing amount of money, whatever it happens to be at the time of playing. Whilst we cant promise the specific amount, we're sure that it'll be staggering by all means.

If you'd rather wager less than choosing a smaller coin size but try to play across as many paylines as you can, increasing your chances of landing winning combinations in many different ways!


As one of the original five-reel online slots, it's hard not to view and play Cleopatra with some fondness. Although the graphics may not be as life-like as some more modern slots, we'd say that they're well-drawn, adding to the overall feel of the game. They're incredibly on-theme, giving players an insight into some aspects of ancient Egypt. The RTP for Cleopatra is 95.02%

Aside from the game's appearance, it also plays well. The reels spin smoothly and 20 paylines isn't an insignificant amount, so there are plenty of ways to land winning combinations! We'd also like to think that Cleopatra attracts players of all kinds and pocket sizes, with the slot offering players the ability to vary their stake drastically.

Cleopatra is definitely worth checking out, more so when considering that it was released over 10 years ago and still manages to witness such popularity in quite a saturated slots scene! The free spins feature can be triggered quite frequently and with the addition of a progressive jackpot version, this slot game has the potential to fill some pockets! 




UP TO £1000




up to £500













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