Play Cluedo Classic slots and solve the mystery case that unveils a cash prize of 10,000 coins times your stake. This classic board game has its own slots version now which is fun to play and puts you in the role of the main cash detective. 

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Cluedo Classic Slot Online

Play Cluedo Classic slots and solve the mystery case that unveils a cash prize of 10,000 coins times your stake. This classic board game has its own slots version now which is fun to play and puts you in the role of the main cash detective. 

Cluedo Classic Overview

Anywhere, anytime, there is a mystery that needs to be solved and that requires natural-born detectives to get involved and find the missing pieces. In the Cluedo Classicslots the objective is to match like symbols that are part of a winning combination that draws across a payline. Each and every winning match, you, the detective, gets a cash prize straight to your balance. There is a cast of characters that may help your winning combination, or break it. Some of them may appear uninvolved in the case that needs to be solved, while some may look suspicious but have nothing to do with it. Or do they? Play Cluedo Classic slots to find out "whodunit" and score the main cash prize of 10,000 coins multiplied by your wager. 

Cluedo Classic Slot Design

This slot machine developed by IGT Gaming reminds somewhat of the board game that gives its name. That is the classic Cluedo board game where the objective is to solve a murder case by sifting through the clues and suspects. The design features symbols that are drawn and rendered in a cartoon-like fashion. Each person in the cast of characters has been given a personality that communicates the sense of mystery surrounding the case. 

Can we judge the culpability of every one of them by the number of coins they bring in a winning combination? That may or may not be the case. After all, Cluedo Classic slots is a game of mystery and appearances can be, and most likely are, deceiving. Whatever the case, the symbols are as follows, and in order of value from lowest to highest: an old man with a dark coat - very inconspicuous; a carrot-top mid-aged man; a silver-haired woman with a sly face and a pinched mouth; a seductive black-haired muse; and an old handlebar-moustache man who appears as someone from the aristocracy.

The rest of the symbols of Cluedo Classic slots - those of lower value - are playing card numbers and letters, with various objects of interest that are accessory to murder attached to them. These are a nine with a plumbers wrench, a ten with a dagger, a jack with a rope, a queen with a vase, a king with a hammer, and an ace with a gun. We have not forgotten to mention the special symbols, of course, and will visit them a bit later.

How to Play Cluedo Classic Slots

First things first, before getting to the dirty work of solving a murder case, a detective must sort out his priorities. The first order of business here is to figure out how much money is to be bet on the case. The Cluedo Classic has twenty paylines, which can be activated or deactivated by choice. Selecting all twenty is a clever thing to do because this way we ensure that all winning combinations are part of each spinning of the reels. The order of business is selecting the amount that is to be wagered per line. This amount starts at 1p and goes up to 20p. Doing the math is quite easy - simply multiply the amount per line and you have the total bet per spin. Of course, Cluedo Classic slots does this for you, and all that the player needs to know is that the lowest wager is £0.20 and the highest is £4.00. With these small amounts, it is absolutely splendid that any player can solve the case and win a cash prize of 10,000 coins times the total wager. 

How to Win Cluedo Classic Slot

And now it is time for the special symbols, as these are one of the ways to effectively solving the murder case mystery. The first specialty symbol is the gold detective star that has Mystery written on it. Landing three or more of the Mystery symbol anywhere on the reels will lead to 15 free spins.

Cluedo Classic Slot Bonus Features

This means the detective gets 15 free rounds of questioning the suspects until one of them spills the beans and divulges a piece of information that is vital to winning the 10,000 cash prize. Next is the Cluedo Classic slots symbol which is the key clue to the jackpot prize. This is the Wild symbol which substitutes for any other symbol, except the gold detective star. Why is the Wild, that is, the Cluedo Classic slot symbol so important? It is the main prize - landing five of these symbols leads to the 10,000 coin jackpot, times your wager. So it is well-worth playing the role of a private detective as there are many unresolved, unclaimed prizes in the world of online slots. One of the best places to begin testing your detective skills is here, with the Cluedo Classic slot.

Cluedo Classic RTP

Few words about the Return to Player theoretical probability. This figure plays a role in your detective story as it is the range into which you would be expecting to hit the winnings. The Cluedo Classic RTP is 93.65% which is a pretty good probability for the winning outcomes. Why? Simply because this detectives game allows the player to win as many as 10,000 coins times the total wager, on as little as 20 or 40 pennies. If the lead detective decides to up the ante and solve the mother of all mystery cases, then a total bet per spin of £4.00 may lead to a mighty win for the personal history book. 

What we Think

We have here a nice, fun little online slot machine by IGT Gaming that grasps the essential idea of the whodunit board games. Questioning the suspects, discovering the murder weapon and catching the perpetrator. That’s the idea, plus winning some cash. Cluedo Classic has a lower than the usual Return to Player, but the wagering amounts are also incredibly low and allow for a fun and entertaining play towards the game’s jackpot. So, if you are up for some detectives action, come along and Play to Win at any of our affiliate casinos by claiming your free spins and welcome bonus right from this page. 

Cluedo Classic demo
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Cluedo Classic slot
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