Released: 2 Aug 2017

A modern game that uses Emojis as symbols, and will give you a fun time and big prizes!

EmotiCoins Slot

Emoticoins Slot Online

Play the EmotiCoins slot and get a wink and a LOL in every winning combination for a top prize of 92,000 coins times the winning bet. This five-reel, three-row slot is packed with bonus features, like free spins and sticky wilds. 

EmotiCoins Slot Overview

Emoticons became all the rage thanks to colour-screen cell phones and social media platforms like Facebook, which breathed life into the yellow smileys and their cousins. Not surprisingly, there was an emoticon-themed movie and now there is an online casino game titled the EmotiCons slot. As anyone can guess, this is all about happy-go-lucky emoticons and cards numbers and letters that generate winning combinations on five reels, three rows and 30 paylines. There are no frowning faces here, just cool yellow dudes that speak a thousand words when they form a string of top winning symbols. Besides the fun reel action, the EmotiCoins slothas bonus games, special symbols and an excellent Return to Player probability outcome, which we will divulge further down in the review. We wouldn't be the least surprised of the amounts of gambling entertainment that comes with this game, as it has been made by none other than slots experts Microgaming out of the United Kingdom. 

EmotiCoins Slot Design

As anyone would guess, the EmotiCoins slot has for symbols the most widely used emoticons on the Internet. While it doesn't take a lot of prowess to draw and render these objects, there still needs to be a certain level of satisfactory artistic design. Microgaming have ensured that the emoticons are not bland. They do come to life when part of a winning combination and that makes this game so appealing. The lower valued symbols are the cards letters and numbers ten, jack, queen, king and ace. The high paying symbols are the winking emoticon, the tongue-out emoticon, the smiling emoticon, the sending a kiss emoticon and the cool-guy emoticon wearing a pair of shades. Then there are three bonus symbols: the Scatter, the Wild and the Wild Emoti Coins slot symbols. These all play an important part in the game, but we will mention their role in the How to Win EmotiCoins Slot part. 

How to Play EmotiCoins 

Setting up to play the EmotiCoins slots is very easy. All the 30 paylines are active, so the only thing that is left to configure is the size of the bet. By selecting you value from the field you determine the total value per every spin. The smallest bet is £0.30 and the biggest bet is £300. There is a huge range of betting options in between, and with that comes one feature that can tire your finger from clicking or tapping on the screen - you have to click about 100 times until you get to the highest amount, but then, very very few people play £300 per spin. If you are one of those people, then all we have to say is, sorry, you £300 bet is many clicks away, but surely, it will be worth the while as each winning combination will bring that amount times the highest bet. 

Spinning the reels on the EmotiCoins slot brings with it lots of fun and exciting pay combinations. There is much to be won during the regular play, but there is a lot more in the bonus features. The Wild card is there to surprise with a substitute and the Laugh Out Loud Scatter symbol will bring one Free Spins. 

How to Win Emoticoins Slot

Winning on EmotiCoins is both a matter of luck and being present in the game in the right place at the right time. Both of these probabilities intertwine to spin the best stroke of your fortune. There is not much to lose when there are 30 paylines and they are all active, but dosing the betting amount will be helpful to extending your play longer, albeit the winnings will have a smaller multiplier. At any rate, the highest paying symbols will link in a winning combo both during the base game as well as the bonus game. Then there are the bonus features that involve the Wild symbol. We will let you know about all. 

EmotiCoins Slot Bonus Features

Wild Blast

The Wild Blast bonus feature brings on a random turning of five symbol positions into the Wild and this brings a guaranteed win. The winking emoticon is approving and the kissing emoticon blows a kiss for the win. 

Wild Stickers

The bonus feature of EmotiCoins is called Wild Stickers feature. You activate it by landing three or more of the scatter LOL symbol anywhere on the reels. Depending on the number of LOL symbols (3, 4 and 5)  you will get 1, 3 and 10 free spins with the wild sticking on every odd number of spins:

  • 1st spin – 1 Wild
  • 3rd spin – 2 Wilds
  • 5th spin – 3 Wilds
  • 7th spin – 4 Wilds
  • 9th spin – 5 Wilds

Be aware that on the last two spins you will spin the reels with five Wilds on the reels, which means your chance of landing a lucrative win is pretty decent.

EmotiCoins Free Spins

And now the most beloved and anticipated feature of the EmotiCoins slots: the Free Spins. This feature is brought about thanks to the Laugh Out Loud - the LOL symbol which is the Scatter. Besides bringing free spins for landing three instances of this symbol, a winning combination of five will land 300 coins into your account. 

EmotiCoins Slots Concluding Words 

We have here an online slot that is fun to play and is packed with bonus features. The overall impact is an exciting form of gambling entertainment that at the same time can be low stakes and high stakes - that is up to the player and of course, up to the turn of luck. At any rate, the game can be played at a number of our online casinos and you are free to claim your Free Spins and a Welcome Package right from this page. The EmotiCoins Return to Player is an amazing 96.00%. 

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