Comic-book graphics bring the reluctant superhero to life in a game that's dated, but still fun

Hellboy demo

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Hellboy Slot Online


Who is ready to take on a city that hasbedistraught by a  group of villains, who seem to be hoarding a 10000x jackpot amongst themselves? That would naturally be a job for Hellboy, one of the most exciting superheroes thathasdeservedly been immortalized on the big screen in three Hollywood blockbuster movies. 

Hellboy slot belongs to the comic book genre of gaming slots and has its own following among the players. Surely, the top cash prize plus the standard in-game payouts make the game lucrative. Additionally enticing are the few regular game symbols that pay excellent amounts and can be substituted by the Wild, such as the Hellboy symbol which pays 5000x for an instance of five. 

Besides the comic-book styled gameplay, you are going to find a nicegraphicsdisplay of Hellboy's world and two bonus features that can take the game to the next level. If ready to delve into the murky waters of the villain underworld and retrieve the cash prizes, welcome to the Hellboy slot.

How To Play Hellboy Slot

This release has been provided by the ingenious slots experts at Microgaming - yes, the company that launched the first ever online casino has deserved the rights to produce a Hollywood blockbuster into an online slot. 

Setting up for the gameplay is easy and intuitive, for those who haven't had any experience with the slots. To set the value of your wager and how much that would cost per spin, you need to locate the CoinSize clockin the bottom left corner. 

This is where you will find the default amount of £0.1, but this amount can go up to £0.25. This value will be multiplied by the number ofpaylinesthat you select as active. Yes, this is one of those slots in which you can have your own way with thepaylines, which go from one to 20. 

Selecting the amount of the coin size and the number ofpaylineswill give you the bet per spin amount, however, if you want to take that number much higher, you can use the Coins field and select the number of levels at which the bet per spin will be extrapolated. Simply said, consider this as a multiplier. 

So the most basic bet that you can play per spin is a mere penny, and that is on a penny for coin size and a singlepayline. The most expensive bet is £50 per spin, but there are many other amounts that you can select in between. 

Hellboy Slot Design

As for the game design, this slot has been entrusted to a company of expertswhihave done the reel-set a true Hellboy vibe. The set is topped by the scenery of a metropolis, and a wad of tentacles in the corner, which are ominously probing around. Centrally placedisthe Hellboy logo and the hero's disconcerting mug. 

On the reelsetyou will find on-point symbols and the cards letters and numbers. The latter symbol categoryarethe low paying symbols which start with ten and end with the ace. The other category of symbolsarewhat makes this game as thrilling as it gets. 

In order of value, low to high, you are going to find a mad professor, a bizarre creature with a glass head, an amphibian-humanoid who pays a sweet 1000x for five, then there is the pretty girl who does 2000x and Hellboy's symbol which is worth 5000x. 

The remaining two symbols are the Hellboy slot logo which is the top paying symbol and which acts as the Wild and the Scatter symbol which is Hellboy's fist raised up and clenched hard. Besides the symbols, you will find other eye candy that contributes to an exciting gaming experience, just don’t expect to find some crazy splash animations and video sequences from the movies. 

How To Win Hellboy Slot

Let's see, winning the game? That would always bematterof luck because any given slot game is a game of chance and all the winning and losing outcomes are at random. So, you may win some, or you may lose, but everybody plays for the chance to win it big, and the Hellboy slots top pay of 10000x on the Wild is a hefty payout.

A big 'however' is that there are other base game symbols that pay quite a sum. Take the 5000x or even the 2000x multiplied by your winning wager. That's what we are talking aboutHellboyslot! 

But let's not forget the bonus features, which are two in number and bring inextrapunch in this banging slot. The Underworld bonus is triggered by the Scatter symbol and it will materialize into a free spins game. Landing three, four or five symbols will take you to a second screen in which you are traveling through the underground in an effort to beat monsters and score cash prizes.

This game takes you through four levels, upon which completion you will find yourself in the CHamber of Fire and there you claim your relic, which will unveil a cash prize. 

Then there is the Supermode, which is a random bonus game on the Hellboy slot. What happens here is, you get three sticky wilds at random and all at the same instance. Here is how you have a better chance at linking up some better and stronger winning combinations with the three wild symbols. 

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