Set out on a quest for the Golden Fleece - meeting Medea, harpies, sirens, and other mythical beasts and characters along the way.

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Jason And The Golden Fleece Slot Online

The word ‘ myth’ originates from the Greek word mythos, meaning ‘word’ or ‘tale’ or ‘true narrative’, referring not only to the means by which it was transmitted but also to it being rooted in truth. Jason And The Golden Fleece slots tells the age old myth of honour and bravery of the Argonauts. Here it is:

The Story

According to the more than 3000-year-old legend, Pelias, half-brother of Aeson (Jason’s father), son of Poseidon, took the throne of Iolcus, bypassing his brother Aeson and locking him in the dungeons of Iolcus. Because of his wrongful actions, he received a warning from an Oracle that a descendant of Aeson would seek revenge. Aeson, while still in the dungeon, got married and had children, Jason was one of them. Pelias believed that Jason was the one the Oracle spoke about who would seek revenge against him, so he commanded Jason to undertake an impossible mission on which he believed and hoped that Jason would be slain.

The mission was to bring back the Golden Fleece from the land of Colchis. The Golden Fleece, was the skin of a winged ram, a holy ram of the God Zeus, on which the children of King Athamas, Phrixus and Helle , were saved thanks to Zeus’ intervention. So Jason, following the commands of King Pelias, began his voyage, known as Argonautica. Jason had to recruit the best warriors of the time, and so he did.

Fifty of the most important heroes of Greece, including Hercules and Orpheus, accompanied Jason on the Argonautica and succeeded in the task, after dealing with six-armed giants, harpies, sirens, ship-crushing cliffs, a load of meddling gods and goddesses and a sleepless dragon. Eventually, Jason carried the Golden Fleece into the city, ready to finally take his throne from Pelias.

Jason And The Golden Fleece Slots Overview

Microgaming’s online slot incredibly incorporates a range of characters and tasks from the epic adventure and it also includes a number of bonus features; it’s a five reel and twenty five payline slot set against a backdrop of a calm sea.

The symbols in Jason And The Golden Fleece slots are all theme-related and include some of the bravest heroes. There is Jason himself as well as his betrothed lover, Medea. Then there is the centaur, Chiron who educated and mentored Jason as a child. And of course, there is a symbol depicting the Argonauts and another presenting their ship, the Argo. Spinners will also be able to visit some of the legendary locations with symbols which show the dragon of Colchis, the sirens of Sirenum, the bronze man Talos of Crete, the treacherous cliffs of Symplegades, and the castle of Iolcus.

The Fleece is the scatter symbol and the game’s logo is combined wild/scatter.

How To Play Jason And The Golden Fleece Slots

Before joining Jason on his epic quest, you should regulate your bet by moving the arrows underneath “Bet”. The minimum coin size is 0.01 and the maximum coin size is 0.5. “Spin” initiates the game and “Auto Play” spins the reels a number of times without interruption.

How To Win Jason And The Golden Fleece Slots

All wins are calculated by multiplying the value of the bets per line with the relevant pay out values of each winning combination, except for scatter wins which are awarded regardless of paylines. A full pay out schedule can be studied in the “View Pays” menu and, luckily, the values will automatically update to show the wins according to the size of the bets.

Playing with a bet of 250 means that you’ll receive 6,000 coins for five Argo symbols. Five Argonauts will reward 8,000 and five Chiron icons will offer 10,000. For five-of-a-kind combination Medea and Jason will pay out 15,000 and 20,000 respectively.

Jason And The Golden Fleece Slots Bonus Features

Free Spins

This bonus is triggered by landing three, four or five of the Jason and the Golden Fleece slots logos anywhere on the reels; you will win 10 free spins at this point and every prize will be subject to a 3x multiplier. You can re-trigger more spins by landing more scatter symbols.

Jason’s Journey

Three, four or five of the Golden Fleece symbols will start Jason’s Journey. During this feature, you move from one bonus game to another completing Jason’s tasks. Only one game is available on the first trigger of the bonus but as you continue to trigger it, the others become available. They are as follows:

  • Iolcus Shield Bonus – pick six from twelve shields to reveal prizes
  • Mysia Harpy Bonus – match four of the same elements to win and reveal a multiplier
  • Symplegades Shipwreck Bonus – pick an item and keep the prize – you can return it for a chance of something bigger, but only twice
  • Crete Wheel Bonus – spin the Wheel of Talos and reap the guaranteed rewards
  • Sirenum Card Bonus – play a higher or lower card game – try to reach the fourth card for an extra bonus
  • Colchis Potion Bonus – try and out the dragon to sleep by mixing a powerful potion; the longer he sleeps the more you win

Our Jason And The Golden Fleece Slots Review

Nice graphics, suitably dramatic sound effects and a variety of bonus games are combined to ensure a satisfying experience for fans of Greek mythology and online slots alike.

Set sail with the Argonauts and embark on one of the greatest adventures ever told with Jason And The Golden Fleece slots!

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Jason And The Golden Fleece free play
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Jason And The Golden Fleece slot
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