Google to allow gambling advertising in the US

Viktor Vangelov | Published 29 Oct 2019, 1:59 p.m.

You don’t need to be a gambling expert to be aware that the US online gambling is changing. While UK and its authorities introduce more restrictive measure when it comes to gambling, in the US the number of states that are regulating and permitting certain forms of gambling is growing.

Earlier this month we reported that a new sports betting venue is set to open in Washington at the Washington Capitals Stadium, whereas in September it was announced that Michigan is close to legalising sports betting. The situation is much different compared to a decade ago when the number of US states were gambling is legal could’ve been counted on the fingers of one hand.

Nowadays there are over a dozen states where sports betting is legal and, in many states, there is an initiative to legalise betting, so the number is bound to grow. Even Google is taking notice of this and is amending its advertising policies on the US market.

Decision made as a result of regulatory changes

It has been reported that Google is prepared to change its advertising permissions, reflecting the changing gambling landscape in the country. Apparently, the largest search engine in the world is going to lift the ban on gambling in the US. Changes will not be introduced immediately; it is most likely that the changes will be introduced from the first quarter of next year onwards.

And it is evident that Google policies need to reflect the newly established situation on the market. Many actually believed that Google would do this sooner. For instance, online gambling has been legal in New Jersey and Delaware since the period 2012-13, but Google still didn’t allow online casino advertising in these states.

In fact, Google’s policy was a nationwide restriction on online casino advertising, but the first change was implemented in 2018 when the giant loosened its policy on online sports betting advertising, seen that many states have legalised sports betting in the meantime.

Gambling advertising already permitted in certain countries

We mentioned that the changes will be implemented from next year moving forward, but Google already made some amends. Earlier this month, sports betting online advertising is allowed in Indiana, Montana, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Iowa. The ban on sports betting advertising was previously lifted for West Virginia, Nevada and New Jersey. And it’s not just US states, Google has already lifted the ban on sports gambling in two of the fastest growing African gambling markets -Nigeria and Kenya and also Colombia.

Google sports betting advertising in New Jersey has been allowed since June. Companies that are licensed to operate in New Jersey were allowed to apply to get their ads for Google AdWords approved and most licensed companies did exactly that.  

Googled ruled out entering the market as a gambling company and restated their intention to stick to the role as a technology and advertising partner. The company is trying to develop a uniformed position, but that is slightly difficult as legislation from state to state varies significantly.

A representative of Google restated that legislation is very important for the company and that they base many of their decision on changes and amends in legislation.

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