Do You Believe in Good Luck?

Published 13 Dec 2018, 4:29 p.m.

Good luck and superstition are thought to go hand in hand. Those that believe in good luck often have their own superstitious practices or habits. At SlotsWise, we carried out a survey on good luck to find out more about the UK’s superstition and to see if some regions believed in it more than others.


We found that believing in good luck could actually be the key to being lucky. London is home to the highest percentage of good luck believers, 57% to be precise and it’s also the third highest region when it comes to percentage of millionaire lottery winners.


The East Midlands also follows suit as the region with the second highest belief in good luck and with the second highest percentage of lottery winners (combined with the West Midlands).


With our good luck survey, we also found that a few superstitions were most popular. We found that 30% of people “touched wood” or said this for good luck, closely led by 26% of people that cross their fingers.


However, could it be that crossing your fingers is actually more likely to bring you good luck? It appears so, as 20% of people that do this have actually experienced good luck after!


We also found that belief in karma was particularly high among women. While 80% believe in it, around 65% of men do.


Our survey results also showed that belief in good luck isn’t consistent across ages. We found that it is at its highest between the ages of 18 and 24 and at its lowest between 45 and 54. However, from here good luck superstition starts to grow again and 54% of those 65+ years old believe it in.

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