International Gambling News – Events Across The Globe

Viktor Vangelov | Published 2 Jul 2019, 11:59 a.m.

We’ve been reporting on UK gambling news in the past few weeks and to be honest, there was a lot to report on, primarily regarding regulations and implementation of new rules. There were also quite a few fines in the past several months. Last month we reported on the decision of the UKGC to fine Gamesys with £1.2 million.

Later last month, the Labour Party expressed their worries that the system isn’t working via their Deputy Leader and proposed the establishment of a new institution – a Gambling Ombudsman that is supposed to work together with the UKGC in an attempt to regulate the industry and hold operators accountable and also work closely with the NHS to treat and prevent problem gambling.  

The total amount of fines that UK operators had to pay over the last year amounted to £19.6 million, out of which the lion’s share was paid out by Daub Alderney - £7.1 million. Perhaps we should have a look at what is going on in the rest of the world, both regarding legislation as well as other events that have an impact on punters and the industry as a whole. It’s not just UK operators that are being fined, a total of eight operators in Sweden are also required to pay fines.

On the other side of the world, Macau casinos witnessed record growth in June 2019. In the US there’s yet another state where sports betting was legalised – Illinois.

Swedish Operators Took Bets On Events With Children

A total of eight operators have been sanctioned for offering betting markets on games and events that involve children. Notable operators have been included in the list, such as Stars Group, Betfair International, Bet365 and Bwin and this was confirmed by a representative of the Swedish regulator, Spelinspektionen.

The total amount that operators paid amounted to £3.5 million, which is slightly above 41m SEK. Stars Group and the holder of the Bet365 licence – Hillside Sports paid the highest amount – almost half of the total price. Betfair and the owners of the Bwin licence were also fined heavily.

Gambling operators in Sweden aren’t permitted to offer bets on events involving children, or to be more precise on events where most of the participants are below 18 years of age. All operators have agreed and said that they will take measures to ensure that they don’t offer bets on U19 or even U21 matches.

Gross Gambling Revenue In Macau Up By 6%

June was a pretty good month for the Macau gambling industry as the GGY rose to 23.81 billion MOP (Macanese Pataca). The casino sector has been growing for two months in a row following the April decline. Three of six months in 2019 have seen yearly increases so far which is a positive signal considering that most experts predicted decline due to the volatile VIP revenue and the deterioration of the China – US relations.

Sports Betting Now legal In Illinois

The list of US states where sports betting is legal just got a bit longer after Illinois legalised sports betting, thus becoming the 17th state to do so. In addition to sports betting, the newly passed legislation also allows the establishment of a new casino in the city of Chicago. The CEO of the US Gaming Association said that it is critical to protect customers, adding it is vital to ensure protection of customers, their bets and the betting industry as a whole.