Sports Betting Finally Legal In New Hampshire

Viktor Vangelov | Published 15 Jul 2019, 12:04 p.m.

Multiple US states have legalised some forms of gambling in the past year or two. It is usually sports betting that has been legalised in most instances, mostly due to the fact that the Supreme Court overturned the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) of 1992. This act effectively outlawed sports betting on a federal level in all but few states – the ones where sports betting was already legal at the time when the act was passed.

The act was challenged by New Jersey, as well as few other states and when the SCOTUS finally rendered it unconstitutional, many states, including New Jersey went on to legalise sports betting. We’ve reported on sports betting legalisation progress in particular states on several occasions.

Last month we reported that Alabama legalised daily fantasy sports, which according to many is a special type of sports betting that includes more skills compared to conventional sports betting. Few days before, we wrote a piece on Illinois where we stated that this state is on its way to legalise sports betting. Towards the end of May an initiative to legalise sports betting was launched in Massachusetts. And this time we’re reporting on New Hampshire where sports betting has been legalised.

NH Governor Chris Sununu Signed The Bill Into Law

With his signature, New Hampshire got its place on the list of US states where sports betting is legal and there are at least few states where an initiative to legalise sports betting is in place.

The bill was introduced as House Bill 480 and it was passed in the House and the Senate at the beginning of this year, but certain amendments were introduced last month, before it was passed on the Governor for a signature.

With the bill now being signed and put in effect, the Lottery Commission of New Hampshire will prompt a request and select the operators that will be allowed to provider online and retail sports betting services. The partners could be selected by the end of this year and we can expect the first bet to be placed at some point during the summer of 2020, preferably by the 1st of July.

The state can expect to collect up to as much as $12.5 million in tax, on a yearly base by 2023, whereas the expected returns for the first year are somewhat lower than $11.5m.

The Governor stated once again that he is very pleased with the arrangement and that with the legalisation of sports betting the State Lottery will be collected an increased amount funds which will go towards the state’s education system.

So far, certain forms of sports betting have been legalised in 17 states. In some of them it is already possible for residents to place wagers, whereas in other the law has been passed and we’re still waiting on the implementation.

First Sports Bet Placed In Arkansas

Speaking of sports betting and states where it is legal, the first sports bet has just been placed in Arkansas, after this state legalised sports betting in November last year. The first wager was a $5 bet and it was placed on NFL games that are set to be played in September. SBTech is the provider that offers sports betting in the Natural State.