Ride on a Horse Across the Mexican Deserts together with the Despacitos to find the Desert Treasure.







Bonus Rounds:


Desperados Slots Online

Play the Desperados slot to win big and small prizes, plus land a thrilling ride across the prairie on as many as 25 free spins. The ultimate goal is finding the gold stacks hidden between the reels. Claim additional free spins at SlotsWise.

Desperados Slot Overview

The Mexican Desert has always been the place of Wild West lore, mostly about gold mines and hidden gold treasures. The Desperados slot story has been woven around a band of outlaws and their sympathising compadres. The group is after something, but we have no clue what it is and the only way to find out is to rattle the reels and see what is in between the winning combinations. This Desperados slots was made to play as a classic and has a simple gameplay without too much graphic ballyhoo, however, the player will find some wild action in this reel-set. 

Online and ground-based casino slots developers OpenBet have made this a five reel, three row game with twenty paylines that are not fixed. OpenBet had a great idea that really turned out to be a success among the slot game players. Check out this Cowboy game where there is a massive chance to win Free Spins and enlarge your stake. The number speaks for themselves, as the Return to Player ratio of 95% lets us know that. Let’s see how Desperados works.

Desperados Design

Although we have a smiling sheriff blonde who has a cowboy hat on, the design of the Desperados slot is no laughing matter. The game's hard-faced look akin to that of an expert poker-bluff is all about the gold coins - but only one party can get to trove, either the desperados or the sheriff's posse. The reel set of the Desperados slot is adorned with the faces of the desperadoes and those of the sheriff's crew. These are the high paying symbols of the game, while the low paying symbols are the playing cards letters jack, queen and king. There is a Wild Card with aptly placed lettering that states that, and there is a Scatter symbol, which is a cheerful bean that seems to be jumping because of a nice piece of news, possibly related to the discovery of the X-marks-the-spot thing. 

The sides of the reel-set have a totem pole and a couple of Wanted posters with the faces of the heroes of the Desperados slots. Also, there is a hard-corded rope thrown across the slots, with one end tied into a noose. As everyone knows about dealings of this kind, it is either going till the end and discovering the prize, or facing the end of a pistol while putting that noose around your own neck. Yikes, being a desperado sounds like a thrilling bout of fun and danger at the same time. 

How to Play Desperados Slot

OpenBet decided to put five reels 20 paylines on this video slot game and make it look amazing. It can be played with a denomination from 5p all the way up to £50, giving the casual and determined players the possibility to either finagle the Desperados slot or to give it a run for its money. With the “Max Bet” option for the cash and adrenaline hungry players while the “Auto Spin” is for those that are laid-back and want to spectate the horse ride through the Tex-Mex desert while the reels spin for themselves. The coin adjustment option is also here and can result in setting one end of the total bet, while the other end is being set by selecting the number of active paylines. The more paylines are active, the more expensive each spin is going to be, so the player has the option to select fewer paylines or all. One way to go is have all paylines active while selecting a more comfortable denomination that sits well with your pocket book. This ensures that all winning combinations on Desperados slot ring in when they occur and at the same time, the balance will deduct less per spin than playing a very big coin on fewer lines. 

Desperados Slot Bonus Features

Every good game has either a decent gameplay and story to go with it or a bonus feature that is anticipated for its entertaining bit and for the winnings that it could avail to the lucky player. The Desperado slots bonus feature is actually a free spins feature that comes about with the landing of the jumping bean scatter symbol. Depending on the number of scatter symbols on the reels, you will be awarded on of these: 

  • Three Scatters – 15 Free Spins
  • Four Scatters – 20 Free Spins
  • Five Scatters – 25 Free Spins

Now, it is very likely that each free spin will rope in a wayward multiplier, so your game gives those bandits (whichever band you are rooting for is not the bandits) a kick in the teeth. The multiplier can double or triple your winnings during the free spins game, and before the round concludes, you'd be possibly looking at a fine stack of gold coins fresh from the bandit's runaway wagon. Just one more bit to state that we were unsure whether the free spins could be retriggered, but if they could, this game would get one more of the sheriff’s gold stars to complement it further on account of all possible rating categories. 

Concluding Remarks

We have here a firm online slot made by a company that has developed many American-themed slots, such as Dead Man's Chest, Chuck Norris: Missing in Action, Creatures of Rock II, Cash Machine and more. The Desperados slots is one of those games that doesn't quite leave you speechless with the graphics, but the thrilling gameplay does it justice of a true online slot and a solid gambling entertainment experience. The Return to Player that sits on the Desperados RTP is 95.00% which is a solid saloon that we want to play in.

Feel welcome to take your pick from the bonus packages and claim your free play money right on this page. 

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