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Goddess of the Amazon Slots REVIEW

Have you tried one of the most fantastic games by INGG that has to do something with the amazing Amazon and all the happenings there? Do you think you will be able to survive? Find out below!


Embark a journey inside the Amazon forests where the Goddess will host you and spin the reels to award you lucrative wins. Goddess of the Amazon slot game offers really interesting playtime with jungle-themed symbols, satisfying graphics as well as a naturalistic sound that will make you feel like you are inside the forests. To make things interesting, apart from the bonus feature there is a progressive gold and silver progressive jackpot for you to aim at while you play the game. Find out how to win it below before you enter one of our casinos on the right side of the screen.

How to Play

Goddess of the Amazon is five reels 20 paylines video slot game developed by INGG that focuses on giving the players one of the two jackpots available in the game. You can play with denominations from £0.2 to £500 with a maximum payout from one spin up to £250,000 neglecting the progressive jackpots in both top ends. The symbols are divided into low and high valued symbols. The lower valued symbols are Red, Green and Blue Gem, and the high valued symbols are a wooden head with two axes behind, a Parrot, a Lizard, a Leopard and a Temple with a yellow background. The highest paying symbol out of the normal symbols is the logo of the game that states Goddess of the Amazon.

Apart from these symbols we have several more special symbols like the Wild symbol, Gold Jackpot symbol, Silver Jackpot symbol and Free Spins symbol. The Wild symbol is a substitute for all of the previously mentioned normal symbols except the special symbols. The Free symbols are the ones that take you to the bonus feature of this game.

Bonus Feature

The bonus feature of this game, as the symbol states for itself, is actually a Free Spin feature. Depending on the number of symbols you land on the screen, you will be awarded a different number of free spins:

  • 3 Free Spins symbols – 8 Free Spins
  • 4 Free Spins symbols – 16 Free Spins
  • 5 Free Spins symbols – 30 Free Spins

Every wild that appears in this feature will go one step down. You can see the spins remaining on the top of the reels, and there is always a chance to re-trigger this feature with more Free Spins symbols landing on the reels, as well as with the coins that keep spinning below the reels. 5 EXTRA SPINS coins will re-trigger the feature, giving you 8 more spins.

Progressive Jackpots

This game has not only one, but two progressive jackpots: the gold and the silver jackpot. The silver one can be only won in the normal round while the gold jackpot can be only triggered by the Free Spins bonus feature. Both of them have their own symbol and will be awarded If five symbols land anywhere on the screen. The Jackpots have fixed minimum and the more you play the more they go up until they award the player, and reset to the fixed minimum, starting the process all over again.




UP TO £1000




up to £500







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