Fruit Slots Online

The three-reel fruit slot machines were the only option for slots gamblers for a long time. In fact, fruits were the first symbols that were used in the slot reels. The colours and fun with the fruits made the slot games more attractive and interesting for the players. Fruits have a special place in the casino industry and oranges, peaches, lemons, cherries, watermelons, mangoes, pears, the most colourful fruits have made their presence in the slot games bringing fun and excitement.

When they were invented, fruit slots were available only in land-based casinos and in pubs, but now you can find them online on a slots site or online casino. What’s more, today, even after hundreds of years of the casino industry, fruit slots continue to rule the casinos and have transferred their popularity at online casino sites.

Why are fruit slots so popular?

There is almost no reputable online slots provider that hasn’t developed their own take on traditional three-reel fruit slots. This is the case because three-reel fruit slots are easy to play and excellent for newcomers to the world of online slots. There are no complex rules on playing three-reel fruit slots and all it takes is setting your wager for the spin and pressing the Spin button.

The other reason why online fruit slot machines are so popular is that there is still a group of punters who are nostalgic for the days when they started their slot playing journey on the fruit machines. The online fruit slots are a good way for these punters to, in a sense, go back to the good old days without the use of a time machine. Moreover, another reason why players enjoy spinning the reels of the fruit slots is because their RTP is often favourable. The Return to Player percentage shows how much of their money a player can expect to win. The best fruit slots have high RTP values, which is something that every casino player loves.

Fruit slots are often very straightforward, they have a small number of reels and paylines which makes it less room for confusion. However, although fruit slots are usually associated with simple three reels and a single payline, many software developers have decided to make more advanced games. Thus, you can find many examples of three-reel fruit slots with advanced features and excellent bonus games.

So, to sum up, the popularity of fruit slots comes from different factors, including:

  • Simple game design and gameplay;
  • Plenty of players are familiar with them as a result of the land-based slot machines;
  • They often have favourable RTP percentages;
  • They provide a relaxed and casual gaming experience.

Fruit Slots Bonus Features

With so many slots sites and online casinos being developed in the past few years, the number of online fruit slots has drastically increased. For that reason, you can find many old-fashioned fruit slots with three reels and one payline, with the classic features that are present in the land-based fruit slot machines. 

However, software developers are constantly creating new and innovative fruit slots that come with different bonus features and jackpots. When activated, these bonus features can increase your win and give you bigger prizes. Some of the most popular bonus features found in the modern fruit slots are free spins and bonus rounds activated by wild and scatter symbols. Moreover, plenty of fruit slots come with the opportunity to boost your win by multipliers. Each fruit slot has its own bonus features and different ways of activating them, so it’s important to read the review of the game you want to play in order to learn the most rewarding symbol combinations and bonus rounds on the reels.

Furthermore, besides the usual bonus features like free spins, some fruit slots come with jackpots that can be triggered during the game. There can be guaranteed jackpots, progressive jackpots, prize jackpots, or something else. It all depends on the game and the developer that made it. To activate such jackpot, you will be required to land the proper fruit symbols on the reels and follow the further instructions.


We won’t be able to play so many different fruit slots online if it wasn’t for the software developers. The software developers are the ones that make these games available in the online casinos. They ensure that players receive fruit slots with excellent gameplay and high-quality graphics. Here are some of the most popular developers that make the best fruit slots online.

  • NetEnt- If you’ve ever played games at an online casino before, you might have come across Net Entertainment, generally known as NetEnt. This software developer is one of the most popular developers in the online gaming industry and has made a range of different games. It provides products to a range of different casinos with some signing up for their whole gaming system whilst others take a range of games from their portfolio.
  • Pragmatic Play - Pragmatic Play may not be one of the largest and most renowned online slot developers, but they are definitely in the top half when it comes to popularity and game quality. They have developed more than 100 slot games and optimised them for mobile use, as well as earned a number of prestigious awards in the past few years.
  • Playson- Playson is one of the software developing companies that shape the online gaming industry around the world. All of their slots feature high definition graphics, top of the line statistical outcomes that are in line with the regulations that are prescribed by the gaming authorities, and they make all of their games HTML5 so that they can play both on desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Yggdrasil- This software developer has developed quite a few exciting and innovative games, including plenty of popular fruit slots. So far, Yggdrasil has developed more than 40 games, but that number can only grow in the future, as the company updates its game library on a regular basis, adding new titles that instantly become available at a number of the most popular online casino sites.

Fruit Slots Free Play

As with all online slot games, you can play different versions of fruit slot games online. Players who are starting their online slots journey can try the free versions of three-reel fruit slots to get used to the spinning reel set. The free slot machines are an excellent way to get them started without spending a lot of money. In fact, when playing the free versions of any online slot, players don’t pay at all!

Due to the increased competition, slots providers have free play or demo versions of slots on their websites to give players a taste of what they can expect from the real-money versions. All features and elements of the real-money version are available in the free play except for the banking element. You can spin as much as you like, checking out every feature of the game, but if you land some excellent win, you can’t bank it.

Once you’ve had enough of spinning on the free play, you should move to the real-money version of the slot and see if you are lucky enough to land a winning round.

Most Popular Fruit Slots Online

There are literally hundreds of online fruit slots available at online casinos. In fact, this might be the biggest category of slot games available online. It can be hard deciding which fruit slots are the best and most popular, but we managed to pick a couple of best fruit slots you can play at online casinos. However, there are a lot more you can try your luck at, so make sure to check our list of recommended fruit slots above and make your pick.


Berryburst is a vivid and vibrant game by NetEnt, and there is always a lot going on. If you like colourful and explosive games, you will definitely enjoy it. As the titles suggest, Berryburst slot is all about berries and you will see a lot of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries appearing on the reels, along with other symbols. This slot doesn’t feature standard paylines, instead, the Cluster Pays technology is used.


The Fruitoids slot is developed by Yggdrasil and has five reels and 25 paylines. The denomination to play within Fruitodis Slot ranges from £0.25 up to £50.00 which may be a bit too low for some players, but you should never judge a book by its cover and it’s the same thing here. You can win a coin multiplier of up to x200 and you will be spinning a slot with an RTP of 96.70%.

Extra Juicy

If you are into highly volatile fruit-based slots, then, we are more than sure that you will enjoy Extra Juicy slot, the new and exciting slot from Pragmatic Play. This five-reel, 10 payline slot is a game that will definitely shake things up. The least amount that you can stake in the game is £0.10, while the maximum is £50 per spin, which makes this online slot game playable and exciting for every type of player.

Fruit Xtreme

Fruit Xtreme is an online slot by Playson with five reels and five active paylines. The players will find that besides base game wins, Fruit Xtreme slot has multipliers of up to x5 and a scatter symbol. The smallest bet begins with £0.10 per spin, which is two pennies per five paylines. The biggest bet is £100.00 per spin and that is £20.00 multiplied by the symbol payline win.

Fruit Shop

Fruit Shop is another popular fruit themed slot by NetEnt. It has five reels and 15 paylines with amusing design and graphics, as well as straightforward gameplay. The fruit and greenish background and the shopfront reel design seem pretty attractive for every type of player.

Play Fruit Slots Online

If you want to try the gameplay of fruit slot machines, you don’t need to go to a land-based casino or a pub. You can find them online and play them either on your laptop or your mobile device.

The online casinos promoted at Slotswise have an excellent selection of fruit slot machines, so claim your welcome offer and spin for the chance to win excellent cash amounts!

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