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There are tons of online slots out there and each of them has a different theme. The film and ancient civilization themed ones seem to dominate the online slots world, but there is nothing like the theme where it all started from! The 777 slots are something that’s present in the home of every slot lover. These themes are all around the internet and it’s definitely something that can’t be neglected.

While the industry is certainly full of amazing themes, innovations as well as unique features, a player must always look back and give attention to the games that allowed this business to grow in the first place. The Classic games are the foundation of the online slots, and it’s great to see that there are providers that are still creating masterpieces as an inspiration to the very first land-based one-armed bandits!

777 Slots

There is no hesitation – the 777 Slot Games are something that you should always consider playing. The theme of this games is built upon a real land-based slot machine. These mechanical slot games look amazing on the screen and although it’s a theme that we’ve seen for probably more than we should, it still triggers something in every player there is.

Most Famous 777 Slots

It’s always more comfortable when you stick to something familiar, especially when you are investing money to play these games. Here are the most famous 777 Slots there are, and you can find them on our site!

Route 777

As the name says, this game belongs to the 777 categories. If that’s not enough for you, then maybe knowing that the game has three reels and three paylines will make you believe.

You can start spinning the game with a denomination range from £0.20 up to fantastic £100.00 where you can enjoy two bonus games and an RTP of 96.30%.

Blazin Hot 7'S Slots

Another game that belongs in this group of 777s is Blazin Hot 7’S slot. This game has three reels and five paylines and it’s definitely something you should consider. The screen is full of stars, cherries and watermelons, just like the past slot machines used to.

Enjoy your adventure from as little as £0.01 up to £20.00 which may be a little bit low for some players, but the three bonus games and RTP of 94.00% will make it up for the low denomination range.

Fantastic 7s Slot

The original look of the slot games is finally here, and it’s available at your disposal through the Fantastic 7s Slot developed by Microgaming. This fantastic game has three reels and one payline, and you can start enjoying the reels from £0.25 up to £5.00 which unfortunately makes the game something that the top slot players who are here for the big cash unrecognizable.

Keep in mind that the game is developed in 1999, and that’s something that amazes me the most!

How about more 777 Themed Games? You are on the right side – all you need to do is choose the game and the casino with the best welcome bonus to start spinning some classic reels!

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