A fellow reviewer has once said humorously “these online gamblers tend to ask a lot of questions”! And he wasn’t far from the truth! Whether it is slots or casino games players, all of them head to Google when they have some question or query regarding their favourite gambling product or game. It’s not that most of them don’t know how to play the games, they all do more or less, but many of them want to see if they can find a better or faster way to win. So, when it comes to video blackjack, most players, if not all of them, have searched online for an answer to the question of “how can I win playing video blackjack”.

But before learning how you can win on video blackjack; every player needs to learn the basics of the game if they want to have better chances at winning the game. So, to help you hone your knowledge of blackjack, we’ll tell you in short what you need to know to start playing. Hope this will also help your ultimate task of winning video blackjack.

Video Blackjack Explained

Before starting to play, you should be aware of the fact that blackjack, as you find it in most casinos, has the lowest house edge. For those of you who don’t know what this means, when the game has a low edge, the player has the best chance at winning. This is due to a couple of main factors which include previous hands affecting the current game and the fact that players win 3 to 2 when they get a natural blackjack.

However, when video blackjack was introduced, these two advantages of players were eliminated, and it meant that the video blackjack machine has become almost a slot machine which players think they can beat. So, before we tackle the question of “how I can win playing video blackjack”, first things first!

Video Blackjack Basics

When the video blackjack game begins, you will receive two cards and you can receive as many additional cards as you deem necessary. The goal of the game is like the standard blackjack – to get closer to 21, as possible, without going over than the dealer does.

All numeric cards have the value of the number on them, the face cards are worth 10, while the aces can be worth either 11 or one, depending on which option gives you the best total without going over 21. The most desired hand is the blackjack, which is a combination of an ace and a 10 or a face card. This two-card combination also beats somebody’s 21 achieved with three or more cards.

Video Blackjack Strategies

If you want to find out the answer to “how I can win playing blackjack”, you’d also need to learn the strategies of playing the game. These are basic tips on how to act when you are given certain cards. Let’s start with the tips on when to stand.

You need to stand if your hand totals 12 or more, while your dealer has anywhere between two and 6. You also need to stand if your hand is solid 17 or higher, meaning that an ace has not been used to achieve that total.

On the other hand, you need to hit if your total is between 12 and 16, and the dealer has a seven or a higher card. You should also hit if you have an ace together with a card between two and six.

There is also the possibility of splitting when you are dealt two aces or two 8s. This means that you’ll be playing with two hands instead of one. You’ll be dealt with two additional cards, one for the aces and one for the eights.

Finally, you should double down if you have two cards that add up to 11, while the dealer is showing non-ace or non-face card. You should also double down if the two cards add up to ten, while the dealer is showing a nine or a smaller card.

Video Blackjack & Insurance

This is one of the tips that are very useful if you want to learn the answer to the question of “how I can win playing video jackpot”. You’ll be offered insurance if the dealer has an ace. However, if you decide to take the offer, you should bear in mind that you are putting out an additional 50% of your original bet. If your initial bet was £20, your insurance will cost you additional £10.

If your dealer gets a ten or a face card to complete blackjack, you’ll get your combined bet back because it will be considered a tie. The insurance pays back at a 2-1 rate if it’s successful, so you’ll get the initial £20 from the £10 insurance, but you’ll still lose your original bet of £20.

On the other hand, if you pay the insurance, but the dealer doesn’t hit a blackjack, you’ll lose the insurance money, but you could still win with your original bet. You can also decline the insurance, and if you win after you have declined the insurance, you can get the full winnings without losing any money on insurance.

So, How Can I Win Playing Video Blackjack?

The best advice we can give you is to hone your video blackjack strategies before you start playing. You can win in video blackjack if you have a good strategy and know when to hit, when to stand, when to split, when to double and when to insure your bet. This is not a 100%-win strategy, because, after all, blackjack is a game of chance after all, but it can greatly improve your chances of winning.

We hope we have given you a satisfactory answer to your “how can I win playing blackjack”.

Now that you know what it takes for you to have better chances of winning video blackjack, claim your welcome offer from the casinos featured at Slotswise and try your luck on video blackjack!