Amigo Gaming

Published 14 Mar 2023, 10:59 a.m.

Amigo Gaming is one of the more recent slot developers to enter the iGaming industry. The company produces an incredible array of high-quality games, so we were curious to learn more about them. Fortunately, we had the chance to speak with Marga Fernandez, Business Developer Director at Amigo Gaming, and take a sneak peek into the company, its games, and upcoming plans.

Find out more about Amigo Gaming, its unique take on the slots experience and future plans in our interview!

Welcome, Marga! We're glad to have you as our special guest in this week's interview series. Could you introduce yourself and Amigo Gaming to our readers?

"I'm Marga, Business Developer Director. I've been in the industry for more than 10 years in different roles, so I have a big knowledge about the needs of both b2c and b2b. I started at Amigo Gaming 1 year and a half ago to help in the growth of the company. Amigo is a young slot provider based in Barcelona."

How much time does it take to make a new game at Amigo Gaming, from idea to release? How are the creative and development processes organised?

Each game has its own process. There are some special dates, such as Saint Valentine's or Saint Patrick's, that allow you to develop the game in advance. Sometimes the creativity is fast enough to create a game in a few days.

Your website announces a new online slot titled Hearts Go Wild. Can you give our readers a short introduction to the slot and why they should play it?

"Lovers of classic Amigo Gaming slots are invited to a date where they will be surrounded by a romantic ambience. Within the high-quality game, players' hearts will go wild as they increase their winning possibilities with expanding symbols in their combinations."

hearts go wild slot

We’re also curious about the Book of Jurassic slot. What can you tell us about its gameplay and features?

"A dream of mankind to recreate the Jurassic era intrigues many throughout the last centuries. Amigo Gaming team has brought to life its own version of the lush world of abundant dinosaurs' life with its creation secrets hidden in a mystical book. Players will hunt for treasures and explore the fantasy world in the adventure of a Jurassic slot."

book of jurassic slot

The Amigo Monkey slot was well-received among our players. What inspired you to create this game?

"For a lot of people, monkey means happiness. So if we combine this with the party background of the game, that makes this one of the more played slots of Amigo."

What do you want to offer to the players through your slots? Name three of the most important characteristics of your games.

"We want that the player spends some fun time. We don't want to make them think too much. Our games are classic, easy and fun!"

amigo monkey slot

Are there any specific features or mechanics (such as Megaways) that you plan on including in your upcoming slots?

"We have launched our PINWIN feature on the bonus side, and we are working on new ones that we will launch pretty soon."

What is your personal favourite game that you’ve already released and why?

"My favourite game is Blazing Crown. Maybe because it is one of the first we have launched and it has performed really well since the beginning. It's an easy game with a classic casino touch"

blazing crown slot

What else can we expect from Amigo Gaming in 2023?

"More slots, more fun. New Features are coming!"

Thank you for your time! Is there anything you would like to share with us before we say goodbye?

"I hope everyone enjoys our slots!"

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