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Published 29 Jan 2024, 12:09 p.m.

We are thrilled to present this interview with Liudmila Schirmer, the Affiliate Manager at Booming Games, a leading software provider in the gaming industry. Renowned for its innovative and thrilling slot games, Booming Games has carved a niche for itself, delivering exceptional gaming experiences to players around the globe.

In our in-depth discussion with Liudmila, we'll take a deep dive into the core of Booming Games, uncovering the philosophy and culture that drives the company's success. Liudmila will shed light on what makes Booming Games stand out in the crowded market and how they maintain a fresh and exciting portfolio.


Welcome, Liudmila! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. To start off, can you introduce yourself and Booming Games to our readers? 

"Booming Games, an acclaimed game provider, has been offering its games in the market since 2016 under the leadership of CEO Max Niehusen. The company holds certifications and licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring the security and fairness of their gaming offerings.

With an average RTP rate of 96%, Booming Games slots are on par with industry standards for fairness. The accuracy of their payout rates is verified by institutions such as Quinel.

Especially popular in Europe, Booming Games slots have made a significant impact on the Italian market. The games are certified and live in Sweden, and they are also accessible in Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Belarus, the UK, Spain, Colombia, and the Netherlands.

Boasting a portfolio of over 100 high-quality casino slot games, Booming Games is recognized for its top three games: Cash Pig, Burning Classics, and Buffalo Hold and Win.

As an Affiliate Manager, my responsibilities are to find the best influencers, affiliates and streamers to represent our product in different markets. It has been my pleasure to work for the company for almost two years."

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Booming Games has received the One to Watch 2024 Award at the 2023/24 Slotswise Gaming Awards. How does this recognition impact your team, and what does it mean for the company? 

"We are truly honored!  Receiving the One to Watch 2024 Award at the 2023/24 Slotswise Gaming Awards is a significant achievement for Booming Games. This recognition serves as a testament to the team's dedication, innovation, and the high quality of their game offerings.

For the team at Booming Games, this award validates our efforts in the competitive gaming industry. It inspires a sense of pride and motivation among all team members. 

With the rapid development within the company and signing Rolandinho as our partner, I believe this Award is fully justified."


Can you walk us through the development process at Booming Games and how it differentiates from other game studios? 

"Booming Games stands out from other game studios a lot. The highest management of the company allows every employee, especially in Marketing, to have a significant impact on the product. We thoroughly collect information and views from our top partners on our product. We always know the direction we are going, but the decision making process is different. Therefore, our games do stand out a lot."


Can you discuss any strategic partnerships or collaborations that are on the horizon for Booming Games? 

"The year 2024 is going to be devoted to the partnership with Ronaldinho. We are going to launch several games and products around this amazing personality. We put a lot of effort into creating great campaigns for our players through top affiliates. There will be lots of competitions, fun challenges, and awesome opportunities for the players to get to know Booming Games!"


Can you give our readers a short introduction to the Power of Rome slot and why they should play it? 

"Power of Rome is the recently released slot from Booming Games and is one of my favourites!  It represents a triumphant exploration into the realm of online slots, immersing players in the grandeur of ancient Rome.

Boasting a robust RTP of 95.6%, the game ensures fairness and competitiveness, aligning seamlessly with its thematic focus on power and conquest. The potential for a substantial maximum win, reaching up to x2500 the initial bet, introduces an exhilarating dimension to each spin, turning them into moments of potential epic victory. I recommend it to everyone as it suits for every player!"


And what about the Secret Book of Amun Ra slot? What was your inspiration for this release? 

"If you are a fan of Books’ slots, this is one for you!  The game draws inspiration from ancient Egyptian themes, immersing players in the mysteries of the Book of Amun-Ra, believed to hold the secrets of the magic of the Old Kingdom.

This book holds significant cultural relevance, particularly as it played a notable role in the Hollywood movie series "The Mummy," featuring actors such as Brendan Fraser and Tom Cruise. While the game doesn't feature famous actors, it compensates with an array of exciting symbols set against the backdrop of an enchanting ancient Egyptian temple.

During the Free Spins’ round, there is a Symbol Elimination feature, that eliminates all lower symbols step by step. That is very innovative as the player can achieve the highest payouts through the main symbols covering the grid!"


Are there any other new games that Booming Games has recently released, and what makes them stand out in today's market? 

"We are about to release Classic Fantastic slot (01.02) and Smoking Pistols slot (15.02). Classic Fantastic is a timeless gem with 5x3 grid offering Perma 2-Way Pay, Stacked Wilds, Wilds x3, as well as Free Spins with x3 multiplier. So as you can see, for a traditional slot, there is a lot going on and it will definitely not be boring. 

Smoking Pistols is a Western-Themed slot made with inpeccable graphics, offering the players Cascading Reels with expanding Grid, Charged Wilds, Replicating Wilds, Multiplying Wilds, Random Wilds, Second chance, and Free Spins rounds. You can get excited for those!"


What unique features are you incorporating into your new games to ensure they are engaging and retain players long-term? 

"The product team of Booming Games always strives to find a good balance between the new features and cool slot functionality that works and is proven over time. I do believe it is all about the balance. The famous minor eliminations, for example, make the slot very engaging and attractive to the players and this feature stood the test of time, since the players love it.

Our own Shift 'n' Win feature was added in 2023 and make a real hit. Players have the opportunity to accompany the canine characters on a pursuit of delectable treats and substantial victories in "Dog Heist Shift 'n' Win”. In Shift 'n' Win, the symbols dynamically shift across the reels, generating additional winning combinations and potentially larger prizes. It is a new mechanics that definitely will be incorporated into the future slots from Booming Games!"


Thank you for tuning into this interview, and may you spin the reels to booming wins!

To our readers and gaming enthusiasts, keep an eye on Booming Games for the latest releases that are sure to captivate and entertain. And don't forget to check back with SlotsWise for more interviews, news, and updates from the world of online gaming!

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