Published 17 Nov 2022, 8:36 a.m.

If you've played around online casinos and slots sites, you've probably come across Evoplay and its state-of-the-art slots. Evoplay is one of the most innovative slot providers on the market, which stands behind the popular Star Guardians third-person shooter game. We were lucky enough to arrange an interview with the CEO of Evoplay and discuss the company's fantastic releases.

Ivan Kravchuk, CEO of Evoplay, took the SlotsWise stage and shared more details about Evoplay's history, drawing inspiration, game features, unique mechanics, future slot games, and more! So if you want to learn how Evoplay managed to successfully integrate video game technology into online slots, check our exclusive interview below.

Welcome, Ivan! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Before we begin, could you introduce yourself and Evoplay to our readers?

"My name is Ivan Kravchuk, and I am the CEO of Evoplay, a company whose games you have almost certainly seen if you are an iGaming lover.

Evoplay has established itself as an iGaming trendsetter and a supplier of extremely unique titles, the majority of which have never been seen in the market before, thanks to our team always staying attuned, monitoring technological and entertainment industry developments. With our portfolio consisting of 170 slots, instant, and table games, we could create a gaming space where every player could find a title that hits them just right."

dungeon: immortal evil

You’ve been present in the slots market since 2017 and created some awesome titles that we’ll discuss below. What would you say you’ve learned since your first release?

"I recall the first release vividly. We were a group of video game fans who were interested in gaming culture, which led to our ambition to become creators ourselves.

We created a set of eight games, and at the time, we didn't know how players would react to them, so it was a huge risk. Luckily, they had an amazing impact on the audience, and it inspired us to keep doing what we were passionate about.

The most important thing I learned from those times - and it became one of Evoplay's core values - is to not be frightened of taking risks and experimenting since it is only in this way that you can develop something truly valuable for your audience. What transpired at that point gave us what we have now - a leading position in the iGaming market."

What is your approach to game development? How much time does it take to make a new game at Evoplay, from idea to launch?

"We consider game development as a creative task, the outcome of which will inspire players as much as its performance inspires us. To make it a reality, the production process is heavily influenced by extensive data analysis and research, as we need to know what our target audience wants to see in our games.

The length of time it takes to create a title depends on the game, but it is normally a lengthy and multi-stage process. To produce the next iGaming superstar from the ground up, our team considers numerous ideas, only one of which makes it to the top. While our players see the end result - action-packed and colourful gaming with intriguing mechanics and features - we know what came before it: development of documentation, graphics and art, mathematical model, programming, testing, and certification after launch."

blessed flame

2022 seems to be a big year for Evoplay, you released some incredible slots including Wild Overlords. Could you tell us more about this game?

"Wild Overlords has a very entertainment-generating gaming mechanic, which has received positive feedback from our players. It makes the game more dynamic, and the variety of exciting combinations heightens players' anticipation of winning.

The cherry on top, though, is how wins are presented to a player. A powerful visual component combined with engaging mechanics triggers a long-lasting emotional response and delight from the gaming experience."

wild overlords

We must ask you about Star Guardians, the game that revolutionised the iGaming industry! Could you give us some insight into it? Was it challenging to develop a third-person shooter game with manual control?

"Our team often derives inspiration from the video game industry, and Star Guardians is a shining example of how its technologies and features can be successfully implemented into an iGaming product. Shooters tend to be extremely popular among players, so we asked ourselves: why not apply the mechanic to a slot? Manual control is also a staple to its success, as it provides players with a feeling of more control over the gameplay and total immersion in its plot.

Incorporating these characteristics into a slot design was a difficult but exciting process. The ultimate result was revolutionary: we had a full-fledged entertainment product with a gambling component that appealed to a hugely diverse audience, ranging from casino players to gamers. The game's artbook and comic book allowed us to fully unveil the story behind it, which substantially enhanced players' immersion in the setting."

star guardians

Another game that caught our attention is Juicy Gems, an online slot that combines fantastic visuals, classic gameplay, and huge jackpots. What was your inspiration for this slot?

"While developing Juicy Gems, we set a goal to create a classic slot with a maximally attractive audio-visual component yet retaining a simple mechanic.

As a result, we have an aesthetically appealing game with easy-to-understand gameplay, inspiring jackpots, and the vibe of an authentic Las Vegas casino atmosphere. The value of Juicy Gems is in its simplicity and in delivering players what they desire - a dose of high-quality classic iGaming."

juicy gems

Among the newest slots that Evoplay released are Camino de Chili and Money Minter. What can players expect from these games?

"Camino de Chili is a retro game with a LatAm twist and impressive visual and sound accompaniment, adding to its vibe. We've wrapped it into an 8x5 grid, which makes it especially attractive to players as they have anticipation for combinations delivering bigger winnings. A larger 'playground' with more symbols tumbling down provides a more thrilling gaming experience for players.

Money Minter is related to our gaming hit - Budai Reels. We took the best mechanics from it and added them to a new setting to keep them alive, resulting in another successful product with a fresh theme."

money minter

What do you believe is the main advantage of Evoplay compared to other gaming studios?

"As I regularly say, our main strength is that we are not afraid to experiment. While others only consider opportunities and ideas that are often obvious, we are already putting them into action. This explains why Evoplay has positioned itself as the leading industry innovator and supplier of never-before-seen products that pique the interest of so many gamers across the world."

If you could choose one, what would you say is your favourite Evoplay slot being released so far?

"This is by far one of the most difficult questions to answer because each game we create with the team imprints on us - behind every success is the rest of a long story that includes many stages of an engrossing development process.

All of Evoplay's titles are remarkable not only to me but to our entire fanbase, who reveal their uniqueness, innovation, and individuality. However, Goblin Run, Star Guardians, Tree of Light, The Greatest Catch, and the Fruit Super Nova collection are the games that will always hold a special place in my heart."

What else can we expect from Evoplay in near future?

"Cross-channel games, particularly those with a sports theme, are our primary emphasis right now, as we want to provide sports fans with additional entertainment during the World Cup. We have recently unveiled our football pack, which includes three titles geared towards sports bettors, iGamers, and football fans: Football Bet, Penalty Shoot-out, and Penalty Series. They are designed to deliver sports betting fun to the public at any time and from any device.

In Penalty Shoot-out and Penalty Series, we merged a betting feature with the excitement of a football pitch where you need to beat a goalkeeper. Football Bet provides players with a familiar sportsbook interface through which they can simply wager on the outcome of a match, but without being restricted to football fixtures. Leaderboards, live chats and the ability to select national teams are what add to the games' real-life stadium experience."

Thank you, Ivan, for sharing these exclusive details with us! We’re excited to see and try your new slot releases!

In the meantime, make sure to visit Evoplay and try their awesome slot titles that are already available to play first-hand!

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