FatStacks Miami Cash Interview

Published 5 Feb 2024, 12:16 p.m.

Today, we're sitting down with Bryan Upton, the founder of Lucksome, a company that's quickly making waves in the world of online slots.

Lucksome Gaming has recently unveiled its latest creation, FatStacks Miami Cash, a vibrant and exhilarating slot game that promises to bring the electrifying atmosphere of Miami to players worldwide. With its unique features, engaging gameplay, and the potential for big wins, FatStacks Miami Cash is set to become a favourite among slot enthusiasts.

In this interview, Bryan will take us behind the scenes of FatStacks Miami Cash, sharing insights into the creative process, gameplay and bonus features, and what makes this new slot stand out in a crowded market. Let's jump right into it!

fatstacks miami cash


Hi Bryan, welcome to SlotsWise! Can you start by giving us an overview of the inspiration behind the Miami Cash FatStacks online slot game?

"Our inspiration is the 80’s in the middle of summer in city of Miami; it’s all about fun, music, those Luxpots and some FatStacks action!"


How does Miami Cash FatStacks compare to other slots in the Lucksome portfolio, and what sets it apart from other games in the genre?

"It’s another fun game from us with loads of action and a lot of features working in conjunction with each other - it’s quite an experience! There are two unique elements to Miami Cash, one is the FatStacks mechanic that is our proprietary Dynamic ways-to-win system, and the other is the Prize Ladder Luxpots modifiers such as Upgrade, Merge, Transform, Shuffle and Platinum.

Elements keep the players guessing what is going to happen, as the Ladder Modifiers upgrade and move the prizes around, and the FatStacks provide many twists and turns during gameplay with cascading, doubling, and tripling symbols.  There isn’t a game like it out there right now like this."

fatstacks miami cash slot


How much player customisation is available in Miami Cash FatStacks, and what choices can players make to tailor the game to their preferences?

"FatStacks Miami Cash (like all Lucksome games) features our key facts information that details the hit rate, bonus hit rate and overall volatility, so players know if this is the game for them. On top of that we have some seriously cool Bonus Buy options in markets and with operators that allow that option. 

We have Xplosive for those who want a more thrill-seeking experience with more FatStacks win potential.  Next up is Deluxe: the medium volatility option with a guaranteed Platinum upgrade for the Prize Ladder and more Ladder Modifiers like Merge or Upgrade.

Lastly is our famous DoubleLux feature where - if the Player doesn’t receive a Bonus win of 60x bet or more - the Bonus retriggers, keeping all the upgrades you had for the first time!  How’s that for optionality?"


Can you tell us more about the design process and how you ensured a user-friendly experience for the players?

"Because the game is so action-packed, we had to make sure players could follow everything that was happening.  We spent a lot of effort on timings, making sure we redirected the player’s focus to the important events using dramatic pauses and fly texts (e.g. when the Ladder Modifiers have hit). 

We use sound, music and high-quality visuals to cue up when something big is happening – mostly lots and lots of fun!"

fatstacks miami cash slot bonus


Could you explain how the bonus rounds work in Miami Cash FatStacks and what special events players should look out for?

"FatStacks Miami Cash has a unique bonus trigger to start; you only need one Bonus symbol in view and 6 Luxpots Symbols or 3 Bonus Symbols and 2 Luxpots Symbols (or anywhere in between). This gives lots of different ways of triggering the bonus.  

Players can pick from a grid of squares to match 3 and reveal the number of Free Games. What’s new is that players have a chance to reveal up to 2 Platinum Ladder Upgrades. These increase the ladder prizes dramatically before the round even begins.

Look out for the unique ladder modifiers: Merge takes the highest value from two randomly selected prizes and merges the rung so the bigger prize can be won on 2 rungs instead of 1. Transform adds more Luxpots symbols to the reels to boost Luxpot winning chances."


What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage and volatility level of Miami Cash FatStacks, and how do these affect the gameplay?

"We supply FatStacks in 2 RTP versions with the highest being 96.1%. The volatility is medium, where the base game is low volatility and the Bonus Games are of a high volatility to give a thrilling Bonus experience."

fatstacks miami cash slot epic win


Are there any plans for future updates or expansions of Miami Cash FatStacks? Can players expect to see sequels or related games in the future?

"We have Napoleon 2: FatStacks live already. Players should expect more FatStacks titles coming soon!  Otherwise, players should look out for our next title, Mega Party Bucks, with walking wilds, opening presents and a max 20,000x bet win.

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