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Published 3 Aug 2023, 7:27 a.m.

We were lucky to have the chance to speak with Connor Blinman, Head of Games at Gaming Corps, and explore the company's innovative approach to game development. Gaming Corps is a leading provider in the iGaming industry with many successful titles under its belt.

Join us as we uncover the "secrets" behind Gaming Corps's success, its creative process, and the exciting projects the company has in store for players!

Welcome, Connor! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Before we begin, could you introduce yourself and Gaming Corps to our readers?

"Hello SlotsWise readers, my name is Connor Blinman, and I am the Head of Games here at Gaming Corps. My role is to lead and oversee the Game output, from slots and table games to our arcade content, such as Mines, Crash and Plinko.

I have been at Gaming Corps for just over a year, and we’ve since made leaps and bounds with our game development and product quality. We’re really proud of the games we have produced over the last year, and Gaming Corps is becoming a force to be reckoned with when it comes to must-have game titles."

luke e chance and the book of luck slot

What is your approach to game development?

"Here at Gaming Corps, we take a player-first approach and make certain that each and every game provides an experience that is enjoyable from start to finish. It’s our job to ensure that every game follows this philosophy. 

Each game starts with a business strategy where key stakeholders and I hone in on the exact game we want to create. We use performance data and market trends to make key decisions and use this strategy meeting to get everybody who is working on the project on board with the vision."

How much time does it take to make a new game at Gaming Corps, from idea to launch?

"It depends on the game and the amount of time it takes. For example, a Mines or Crash product is much quicker than a table or slot game. Arcade products can take from a month up to three months, and slot games can take about six months from conception to full release. We can increase or decrease this process by a month, depending on the game's complexity.

Each game is produced to the highest possible quality and it’s my job to collaborate with each key stakeholder (art director, lead mathematician and lead dev) on each project to make sure a game has enough time and resources to produce this top-tier content."

coin miner 2

You recently released the Coin Miner 2 slot. How does it differ from the original Coin Miner?

"Coin Miner 2 is a fantastic successor to the original. Our sequel has upgrades in art, animation and gameplay. The maths is built in a way that takes the best elements from the original while adding a flair of innovation to the entire genre."

Can you tell us more about the bonus features in the game?

"Unique to Coin Miner 2, the player has a chance to unlock the “Lucky Star” feature. If this is unlocked via revealing a tile, more tiles will be revealed for free - boosting the player's progression and overall winnings!

What is the maximum win in Coin Miner 2, and how can players achieve it?

"The maximum win in Coin Miner 2 is double that of the original Coin Miner, sitting at 2,000x total bet. The player can achieve it by first setting the mines to be at least 5 and then by revealing all the tiles to be either a Coin or a Lucky Star, while avoiding the Mine tile. The Lucky Star feature can help the player get to this end goal."

coin miner 2 slot

Another fresh release in your portfolio is Raging Zeus Mines. Can you give us a short introduction to this game?

"Raging Zeus Mines was a great addition to our portfolio. The intention was to bring the fantastic artwork and animations from our slot game “Raging Zeus” and combine them with our successful Mines game format. 

The game features the classic Mines format from our original Coin Miner game, tied with a fantastic overhaul on the overall quality."

If you could choose one, what would you say is your favourite Gaming Corps slot being released so far?

"This is like picking your favourite child! But if I had to choose, it would have to be Paddy’s Payouts. This game has the perfect blend of art, animation, sounds and maths to create an incredibly cohesive product that will impress any player fond of a more classic style of game.

The game features Free Spins and a classic instant prize “Hold and Win” feature, that we’ve aptly named Rapid Re-Spins. This feature is quick but the rewards can be plentiful - giving the player the chance to win the Mega Jackpot of 1000x total bet instantly.

raging zeus mines

Another game that I am really fond of is Luke E. Chance and the Book of Luck. We have taken the classic book game and added a twist, while introducing our intrepid explorer Luke E. Chance - get it? 

This game is all about that Lucky Chance. Each time two Book symbols land on the reel, the player is granted a re-spin to give them a second chance at winning the Free Spins. In classic Book fashion, one symbol is selected at random to become the special expanding symbol; our twist allows the player to decide whether or not they should randomise this symbol again to give them the edge."

Could you give us a hint about some upcoming slots or maybe some new in-game mechanics?

"Our new slot game which is released on 27 July, Wild Woof, is one to look out for. Players will be impressed by the production values and innovation that we are bringing to this game. The game features a cross-over between the world of cats and dogs with the wild west. 

The “Most Wanted” feature can trigger on any spin. The aim here will be to land the stacked Wild, our infamous Sheriff - “Woof Garret” - and one of the Most Wanted “Feline Four”, which are the high-paying symbols. For each Most Wanted symbol that lands, Woof Garret will shoot up the bad Felines and a multiplier will increase that applies to any wins on that spin.

Players can trigger the Free Spins with three Scatters. Within the Free Spins, the “Bounty” feature is always active! Players can collect Scatters to unlock more Most Wanted high-paying symbols and increase their potential winnings. If the player unlocks all high-paying symbols, they will enter the Super Free Spins where the multiplier from the Most Wanted feature carries over from spin-to-spin for the remaining spins. 

Alternatively, the player can unlock the Super Free Spins from the get-go by landing two Scatter and one Super Scatter. This leads to seven spins with all Most Wanted high-paying symbols unlocked and the Sticky Multiplier active throughout. This Super Free Spins feature has incredible potential.

This is one that we are sure SlotsWise readers will enjoy!"

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